Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014

So here I am 30 weeks pregnant and about to start a new year! This is my absolute favorite time of the year.  It is the perfect time for reflection and processing of one year and setting intentions for the next.  I love fresh starts and the chance to start anew.  I get excited about what lies ahead and hopeful that I will continue to grow into the person I strive to be.  That sounds so cheesy, but it's so true!

2013 has been a good year and hopefully 2014 will be even better!  I have so much I want to accomplish in 2014, personally and professionally, and I intend to do everything in my power to make it happen.

One of the most exciting event is the birth of my little girl!!! 70 days to go till delivery and I just can't wait to have her in my arms!!!

My last race in 2013 was on November 17th in Nijmegen, Zevenheuvelenloop! A beautiful 15 km at 6 months Pregnant where I still managed to run at 5'/km and finish with a time of 1:15 I was freaking impressed!!
My knee injury became better and since then I kept trying to run at least 3 times a week and it is going well! The weights is packing on me, I dont feel like a runner anymore but still, going out on a run makes me happy even if it is getting really slow! I am thankful that I can keep doing what I love to do! It is so strange to see your body changing like that! I keep reminding myself that I will get back the body I want after I deliver my beautiful baby! Now I shouldn't worry so much about getting huge ;) I try to enjoy my pregnancy as much as possible!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pregnancy & Running

I can't believe I am 23 weeks pregnant! Time flew by but at the same time when I think that I still have 17 weeks to go it looks like so far far away!
Pregnancy in general is going well, I am a little more energetic than in my first trimester but I am still getting sick if I go more than 2 hours without Food!

Few weeks back I had my 20 weeks echo to know that I am pregnant with a GIRL!!!! we are going to have a little princess at home ;-) we are thrilled!!
Baby Girl and Me

Friday, October 4, 2013

Berlin Marathon--Mission Accomplished at 4 months pregnant

“This is it! I did it!, We did it” I was laughing out loud, smiling big, so proud of me. 2 medals are placed around my neck, crossing the line at 4 months pregnant made it worthwhile and made me forget the painful 42.195 km.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dam Tot DamLoop 2013

For 4 years in a row I take part of this amazing event Called Dam tot Damloop. A 10 EM run from Amsterdam to Zaandam! I love this race just because of its crowds and the atmosphere along the way. Just like the other years I run in the business team of McDonald's.
This year is a special one, I am 16 weeks pregnant which means 4 months Pregnant! My goal is to run for the fun and not give it all. I will run as long as long as it feels good!

Just a week before the race it was confirmed that Ron who is a big fan of McDonald's can also join the team. Ron had a goal to run around 1:15 or maybe just a little faster to beat his personal best. As for me I was thinking more around 1:20 knowing my circumstances. Ron asked me if I will manage to keep up with his pace which is around 4'35/km . Knowing me I can't "Refuse" so I decided to give it a shot. We will start together and see how it goes, if I feel any discomfort I will slow down or stop if needed.

Monday, September 9, 2013

30K of North Amsterdam

For the First time I stand on the start of the 30 km of North Amsterdam. This time not alone but with a little heart beat in my belly.

How do you run a race knowing that?

Running races while pregnant is considerably different than running when you’re not pregnant.  It can be more challenging in some ways and more enjoyable in others. Here’s how I’ve found it is different:

Mindset:The first thing to recognize is that it is NOT a RACE. It’s important to set aside all the competitive instincts that make me want to run faster to beat a PR or another person. I didn't cancel any race since I knew I was pregnant just for the camaraderie and fun of running, it feels good to run with others. It’s important to let go of expectations when running while pregnant and just enjoy the moment: the scenery, the runners around you, the spectators. It can be a lot of fun and a break from competitive running, where my focus is mainly on the clock and my pace and the people I want to beat.

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Pleasant Surprise....And My 1st Trail!

July 28th, 2013 :

I am in love with the Dutch weather!! I go to bed early to wake up early and enjoy sunrise runs, Or I wait for the evenings to cool down and hit the road for another few kms. I have been hitting my highest mileage ever. 100km !!! I never reached 80km in the past! Every km has been a joy, every run has been unique, every run has made me feel stronger and every run has been closer to the race of the year Berlin Marathon! Magic is going to happen there in Berlin,  I am giving it all, my time, my dedication my everything because my goal is to run a sub3hours. I am officially now at my lowest weight ever and still 10 weeks to go. I feel stronger than ever and nothing is about to stop me BUT sometimes life surprises you. The Big surprise is that I am officially pregnant with my 2nd Baby! Yes I am PREGNANT!! I am going to be a Mommy again!!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Podium at Vechtloop Half Marathon

Christine, Me & Wies

Shall you get disappointed if you go to a race with one intention but you end up with a different one?

Since Boston marathon my body feels broken. I did few races since then and something just does not feel right! My knee pain comes and goes. I still go to the physiotherapist every other week to be sure I don't end up where I was a year ago, on the bench with IT band syndrome. But still this is not stopping me from signing up to races, which partially I am addicted to. It feels as if I can't say NO to a race!

Gala in Amsterdam!
For the "Vechtloop" Half Marathon race, I went with the intention to run my fastest time! Of course to run your top race you have to rest, eat good and take it easy the night before! Since I am a Girl on the Go what do I do the night before?

Being Invited to a gala in Amsterdam, I couldn't refuse not to go but instead I put on my high heals, dressed to impress and here I go...
I had a lot of fun but in the other hand this comes with consequences.  The next day your body is tired and dehydrated!! Lucky me, the next day turned out to be one of the warmest day, which it doesn't help at all!

On Sunday I arrived to Weesp a beautiful little town, I have never been there before but It definitely left a big impression on me!  I met with my running friend Christine who is also there with a goal to run her best race.

We picked our start number where we also received a cute jar of honey! I thought it was so cute! We went on a warm up and there already we realized how warm it is going to be!  At noon, while the sun is shinning just above our heads, the start gunshot took off . This time I wanted to start slower than what I usually start and save the best for the last. Just as planned the first kilometers went smooth, the course was nice it goes along the river in some part in other parts it goes through the bushes and in another part it goes on a bike track middle of nowhere just out of town surrounded with greens and farms. A very peacful run!

I felt great until 14 km, I kept trying to stay hydrated even though this is always a struggle for me. From 14 and onward it was a battle. At 14 km a supporter shout  to me "Go First lady!"  I had no clue I was first since the 5k, 10k, 15k all started together. I couldn't notice who has finished and who is still running... Bref, When I hit the 14 km point it was time to turn back and to run back toward the finish.... I got to see Christine who was the 2nd lady but there was some good distance  between us. Was that too comforting and made me lazy the last few kms?
The last 5 kms were the longest and the hardest, the wind was blowing in my face pushing me
backward, the heat was not helping me to find my strength, I felt somehow weak. I was just running all alone no sight of runners around me beside a volunteer on the bike telling people to cheer up for me because I am the "First Lady" I thought it was funny!! Knowing also that I am ahead and leading the race I didn't bother much to fight my way up to the finish. I just hobbled the last kms.

Just before the finish I see my boys and I hear PeuterD shooting "Mama renne renne renne"! With a big smile I crossed the finish in 1:33:30

Christine, Me and Wies

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

30 year old Milestone & Colours By the Sea

Wow what time flies! A small update ... On Sunday June 9th I turned 30. YES I just hit the 30 year old milestone!! This number scares me! It sounds Old!! But after an awesome holiday with my family where I got to celebrate almost every night, I came back home on my birthday all refreshed! I feel younger,  wiser and happier than ever! I can't ask for any better start!
So bring it on! I am ready to Rock n Roll my 30's!!

The Colours by the Sea

The Crazy four: Ronald, Merit, Me and Andrea

Have you heard of this most fun run of the year? The Color Run, also known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness, individuality ...

The Color Run is a five-kilometer, un-timed race in which thousands of participants are doused from head to toe in different colors at each kilometer. The fun continues at the finish line with a gigantic “Color Festival,” using more colored powder to create happiness and lasting memories.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We Own the Night!

The evening of Sunday 19th of may, I run “ We own the Night” a 10km women’s run organized by Nike In Westerpark Amsterdam. I was offered a Nike start packet  by Leonie, together with my friend Laura and she promised that It will be an amazing evening.

As promised, an after-hours run like no other. A10 kilometers of light, sound and the unexpected, together with 2000 women to celebrate the young, the female and the fabulous city of Amsterdam.  The after run party is held at the Gashouder with a performance by Eva Simons.

At 19:00 I picked up my start packet which included an orange Tshirt  and a nice bracelet and of course my start number. The Nike stand displayed cool outfit and shoes, a must have!! 

Before the start I got to chit chat with the ultra runner Leonie who was there being sure that the evening turns out to an unforgettable experience. I also got to meet with Francien and Fieke the coolest Nike chicks.

With @GirlsLove2Run

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

De Loop Van LeidscheRijn

Foto: Wendy
De loop van Leidscherijn is a race of 15 km with a theme “The Romans” The start/finish are located at the Roman village a few minutes walking distance from my house. A Roman village with an Xpo is built with catering, stage with live music, terrace, changing facilities and stands filled by various local associations. I was planning to run the 15km but few months back I saw messages from @Loopmaatjes that if he manages to have 20 relay teams     (2 (1x5 kms and 1x10 kms) or 3 (3 x 5 km) runners) he will become a sponsor of the event.

Of course I got all excited to support Mr @Loopmaatjes to reach his goal. I decided at that point to form my own relay Team and the first person I asked was my running mate @RunningRonald. All enthusiastic he started thinking of a team name and fun ideas which always makes me laugh! In meanwhile I was trying to figure out who should be the 3rd runner in order to run the 3x5km.
I was specifically looking for a fast runner I wanted to win the relay event.(Duh?) At the end I managed to convince @sportsjunkie my fast neighbor who was doubting if he should run the whole 15 km or join the ThunderTrio team which is the name that Ronald came up with for our fast Team.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Marathon Monday Boston 2013

I just can't believe I ran Boston Marathon!! It was not a dream, at the same time I can't believe what happened before the finish line, it was not a nightmare, everything was REAL!

Now that I gave it some time and found a place in my heart of  this adventurous, mixed feelings weekend in Boston, I am ready to write about it!
Monday April 15th was a day of extreme emotions: From extreme happiness to have crossed the finish line of the Boston marathon with a Personal Best to an extreme sadness, fear and disbelief within an hour after I finished when I heard the bomb exploded ...

My marathon performance has nothing to do with the explosions that is why I want to only talk about the race and the rest will forever stay a memory that I will never forget...

Where to start from? I  can honestly say I have never been as happy during or after a marathon as I was on Monday. In fact, I don’t think I’ve been this purely happy at a race.

It’s no secret: I like to run fast. I am internally competitive and incredibly driven by time goals. But this time when I finally made my mind to run Boston, my goal was just to run without having a goal time in mind and finish healthy without any injury and enjoy every km of this race.

Since my arrival to Boston on thursday and after a relaxed flight on a business class where I got to lay down for 8 hours, I have been feeling super relaxed, no jet lag, no knee pain from sitting 8 hours everything was just cooool and easy.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Afsluitdijkrun, Beirut HM and Marathon

The Afsluitdijk is a major Dam in the Netherlands, constructed between 1927 and 1933 and running from Den Oever in North Holland province, to the village of Zurich in Friesland province, over a length of 32 kilometres (20 mi) and a width of 90 m, at an initial height of 7.25 m above sea-level.
Afsluitdijkrun took place om March 10th after a successful edition 1 in 2012. A 30km run from Den Oever to Zurich. A perfect training for the Boston marathon. The week before I had pain in my calves and it resulted in a sensitive knee. The whole week I was wondering if I am going to manage to finish the 30 k on Sunday.

I picked  Marcel and Christine up from Marcel' s house in Zaandam and drove to Zurich. Marcel was injured and didn't run but stood on the side of the road to take some pictures. Christine wanted to run it as a training for 'Marathon de Paris'.
The day of the 30k the weather was better than the predicted forecast but the wind was very hard. I wanted to run at 5' the km and I wasn't sure with these circumstances if it was possible and especially with the doubts of being able to finish without any pain!

Ready to sprint the 30 km ;) against the wind with Rene and Christine

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

20 van Alphen

I have been training for 2 good months since my knee injury,  training has been going well, it has became part of my daily life. My knee has been doing much better but not 100% !! After my ski vacation and the 30k in the dunes my knee started to feel sensitive. With some good care my knee is being under control but it can be unpredictable!! Since I enjoy racing so much I thought why not give it a shot and run the 20k of Alphen aan den Rijn?
This is my first 20k race ever, so this is an automatic PR :-) @runningRonald is part of the organisation/coordination of the business Run, he has been so busy preparing for that day!!
When I signed up for a race, I received my start number at home with a sweet message from Ronald. Thank you RR!!

On Sunday March 3rd, the day of the race after a nice breakfast with my boys, they dropped me in Alphen around 12:00. The start of the race was not until 13:30. I walked toward the business center after reading Ronald post. He invited bloggers/twitters to use the business lounge facility and get to meet and greet other running mates. I also got to meet his sweet wife Miranda who has also been working hard to make this event a success!
The business center is a real fancy lounge. It was very nice, not too crowded and enough places for everyone!!
Thank you again for letting us relax in the business center :-)

Monday, February 25, 2013

TwitRun in the dunes

I always ask myself why do I love running so much? Is it only because of the feeling you get once you finished a run? The answer is No... not only that.... It is true that running by yourself after a hectic day at work brings peace to your inner soul....That quality time with yourself is just so powerful, you are the boss of yourself, you choose to go slow or go fast, to push yourself above your limits...This is YOU time....

Running is also a social event, where you get to know people talk about the same interest with lots of passion while being out there in the nature and that is also part of why I love running!
Around Christmas I joined for the first time a TwitRun organised by Martin (@MartinVNoort) in the dunes of Heemskerk. I enjoyed so much running out there in the nature and on the side of the beach, I was already eager to join again. Few messages on twitter and the date was set for February 24th.

Since I am not the only person who love running in the dunes, more people wanted to join but everyone had a goal or certain kms to reach. Martin thought of dividing the long run in 3 groups:
- Group 1 starting at 9 am who will run a 10 km
- Group 2 will join group1 at 10 am for a 7 km
- Group 3 will join both groups for a 14 km run
This puts group2 at about 21 kms and group1 at a total of 31 kms and this is the group that I was part of along with Christine (@ChristineTanguy) my running friend that I met while training for my first Marathon during the Phanos training session in Amsterdam and she is currently preparing for "Marathon de Paris", Ron(@RonDaalHuizen) and Martin both are in training for Rotterdam Marathon.

After I picked up Christine, we arrived at Martin's house just on time. We left all 4 of us towards the dunes, after couple of kms we were already in the country side, no one was out there beside few bikers now and then. It felt as if we were in the middle of nowhere, no sounds beside our whispers and the sound of our feet pounding the ground. A cold breeze and some wind which faded out when we were running between the trees. It is so peaceful that you can get lost in the nature. Few hills up and few hills down, the uneven road makes it harder than running on asphalt but it can only make you stronger. I definitely felt my legs and my knee while running but the nice company and the view made me forget my current state. Out of nowhere I saw a nice restaurant and made me think that in the summer would be great to run again here in the dunes of Heemskerk and then have lunch with our families afterward. I think PeuterD would love to run around and Martin said the food is yummy! :)

Switching between Dutch, French and English, the first hour went by so fast and then we arrived to the parking lot where group 2 (@runningMarcel, @bleeker, @RobHoogeboom and Edwin) was waiting for us to join for a 20 km run. So thoughtful of them they provided us with bananas and water. A small break and we hit the road again for a 45 min run before group 3 (@Nielsky, @langzaamaan and Bianca) joined us. Some chocolate and sport drinks were also provided.... what a team spirit :) !! Thank you it was well needed!!

Few minutes break and before we get too cold we headed to the heart of the dunes for the last 14 km. Few words here and there and time flew by again. I always enjoy running the last few kms in a faster pace... few speedy kms with Christine, then with Rob and Niels and then the last km with Martin. Martin just like last time impressed me in how fast he can run!! Chapeau!


We arrived to our final destination with a BIG smile on everyone's faces. Some of us ran a personal kms, some ran pain free, some reached their weekly mileage and some ran a marathon in one weekend ;)

To end this beautiful Twitrun in a special way, Martin and his wife Lia were kind enough to invite us for a treat and coffee. Thank you for the hospitality! Wendy(@WendySolar1971) who is suffering from an injury also joined us for the yummy treats and nice motivational talk. I dropped Christine at her house and headed home to enjoy a nice afternoon with my boys!

How could my Sunday have been better than that ?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Schoorl Weekend

De Groet Uit Schoorl Run the race where last year with a broken heart I stood up on the side of the road and took pictures because I was Injured and I couldn't run the race. This year again signed up to the 30 km and the goal is to finally for the first time run a 30 km race in Schoorl.

On Saturday mid-afternoon we headed to Schoorl. After checking in our hotel, we went to the book Presentation of "Het Hardlopers Kookboek" The runners Cooking book. It was very nice to be there, talked to many inspiring athletes and coaches ...These moments are something I enjoy so much.

After a nice autograph on my new cooking book from the authors Mirjam and Barbara we headed back to our hotel to enjoy a nice dinner with Petra, Andrea, Merit, Ronald, Eric, Harm and my hubby.

The next day after a nice breakfast with the same group beside Merit and Ronald who were staying in a hotel few minutes away, we went to the sports club for the tweetup. A little bit late but still managed to take a foto :)
Eric, Me, Ronald, Ton
Marek, Merit and Thierry
After wishing everyone good luck, Ronald, Marek and myself headed to the start. Ronald and Marek planned already the pace they are going to run, as for me since I never run a 30 km race before and since it is my first 30 km since 2011 I didn't have a specific time....Well...not really... Secretly the night before the race I checked my split time of the Beirut Marathon 2011 and the Amsterdam Marathon 2011 and I noticed that my time at 30 km point were 2:13:16 en 2:16:38 respectively...I thought something in the middle should make me happy...so deep in my little heart I wanted to run a sub 2:15 but then again it has been ages since I run a 30 km I wasn't sure how my knee will handle it....

The start gun took off at 11 am, the first few kms I thought to keep Ronald and Marek in a good company ;) but then after 3 km I let go...I already know, no way I can keep up with their 4:10 - 4:15 pace for 30 km... I thought Egmond aan zee run is the most beautiful run but Schoorl was even nicer! Sun was shining a nice white coat was all over the trees the view was just breathtaking!

How my race went?
It was a strange feeling, I felt I would go weak then get stronger  and again weak then stronger and so on the whole way... I didn't feel it was a solid run that is for sure and normally I do! I am not sure why I felt like that! I also had few times stomach pain but then it goes away! I made sure to take my gel on time and tried as much possible to stay hydrated but this is always a challenge for me. Somewhere on the course it was really Icy I literally jogged that part, I was so scared to hurt myself! Unfortunately that same section I had to run it again after I passed the 21 km point and I almost walked it!! that is how Icy it was!

Somewhere just before the 21 km @RunningRonald run next to me and tells me that he couldn't keep up with Marek... he was not the Ronald I know, he looked disappointed of himself I tried to push him to stay with me but he said just go... It was just not his day!

Around 25 km, I felt something stretching in my knee, I had no pain but I could feel it!! Please not now I said to myself!! I was like in a panic mode but thanks god that it didn't got worse and I crossed the finish in 2:14'40"

At that moment everything stopped, nothing was hurting anymore, nothing mattered anymore...I DID IT!!! I did it the way I wanted it to be and I can't be any happier!!

Couple minutes later I see Ronald and Merit, Both of them were not super enthusiastic but I was quiet Hyper :P and tried to put a smile on their faces!!

Fast, I picked up my stuff from the sports club and headed to the hotel to see that Petra, Andrea and Eric the 3 of them run a PR at the 21 km race...Congratulations!! A fast shower and hit the road to our one week ski vacation in France.

For people who don't know me my favorite sport is skiing and will always be... Why? This picture explains it! Nothing can beat the feeling of being on top pf the mountain ready to cruise as fast as possible your way down to the bottom!

Who is coming down with me? :)

Amazing black slope
Unfortunately being in the Netherlands I don't get to practice it at all ...I started skiing almost as soon as I started walking... I ski raced in world Championships and many University races.... so going on a ski vacation after a super nice weekend in Schoorl can not be any better!!
With Hubby before the Apres-ski ;)
 I had no plan to run while on vacation but the temptation was too big! I managed to have few snow run at 1700m altitude and to be honest I felt out of shape... Maybe the combination of skiing and the altitude made me feel like that but still I had a blast!!


I had an awesome week with my family! PeuterD already took ski lessons in the garden before we left and there he enjoyed himself. He loved the snow and he is ready to become a good skier like his mommy :-)


                Today back to work but Countdown tot the next Vacation: 3 weeks to Go!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Runners Bound

“Runners understand each other. We don’t just sympathize. We empathize and help each other because we’ve been there before. That’s the great thing about runners. We stick together!”

Whether on the road or on the trail, we are all bound by one thing and that is our LOVE for running. Brands, pace, body size, religion, sexual orientation, etc. are nonexistent. We’re brought together by our passion for running, our goofy, endorphin-tilting smiles and the twinkle in our eyes…

Few months back I saw on twitter a tweet from @loopmaatjes if anyone has a nice idea about a product for his webshop…

Who is @loopmatjes? Loopmaatjes in English is RunningMates If you follow @loopmaatjes you would know that he can really motivate you. How can he motivate you? lets say if it is snowing and you dont feel like running, if you check your twitter you would see that @loopmaatjes has retweeted the tweets of other runners who enjoyed a run in the snow...this definitely motivates to get out of the door...if someone out there did it you can also do it!!
Also he brings people together , so if you are looking for a running mate who run at that pace in this town all you have to do is just tweet and add @loopmaatjes in your message. Mr @loopmaatjes will retweet that and I am sure you will have a running mate who shares your passion to run with you…He also organises events like the Loop Van LedscheRijn and twitteruns, and above all he has a nice webshop where you can order running clothes and products and it says @Loopmaatjes and #LoveRunning and also you can have your own twittername on the back!
Well his tweets triggered me to think of something simple, cheap and symbolic which can bound us as runners. What could that be? A Wristband.
When I shared my idea he loved it he asked me what colors shall we choose and here they are: 

As simple as that I really think if I would see someone with that wristband I would know he is runner and this creates a bound without words!! Who else can understand a runner beside a runner?

Enjoy the video below! That is who we are!!! Runners who LOVE RUNNING!!

Me at 52"of this Film

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Egmond Half Marathon

Egmond aan zee half marathon is one of the most beautiful races I have ever run! What a peaceful run. I loved the variety of the course between sands and dunes! I loved running on the sand, the North sea on my right side the sun shining in my eyes like a diamond in the sky :) and nothing was running through my head , just a pure enjoyment in this crispy cold sunny weather!

My day started by picking up Christine from Amstelveen and we drove to Alkmaar where I dropped my car and we took a bus to Egmond. Once arrived we got installed in the sport hall where we met with @RunningMarcel and his running club also with @Rwshoe. It is always nice when you go to a race to just meet up with people who share the same passion and you can talk about running with the same excitements!
Me, René, Christine and Marcel

I didn't have a goal because in my last half marathon race Ameland Adventure I had to step out of the race and my knee is still playing games with me so I wasn't sure how my day will turn out! I just love running and I was going to run for fun and do my best! Women start was a little earlier than the men's start.

At 12:00 after I dropped my bag, I run together with Christine to the start and we stood up just behind the Elite runners. I am always fascinated by those fast women! The start took off on time and the first kms like always I went too fast but then I managed to find a nice pace. A small round in Egmond and then toward the sea to run 7 km on the sand. No words can describe how beautiful the scenery was, I think I was day dreaming until I realized that the fastest men just passed me and made me feel like a turtle next to them! I am not kidding it is not normal how fast these men can run! If I sprinted I wouldn't catch up to them! True inspiration!!

From the sea to the dunes a small path that leads you back to the start! The whole time I felt strong in a comfortable pace I didn't check my pace not even once! What I really enjoyed the people along the course! I love when I hear people cheering us up! The only thing I realized that around 12 km I was light headed I felt dizzy but of course I knew what was the reason I forgot to drink water, I also had a gel with me but I didn't think I would need it! At that moment I took the gel out and for the first time I finished the whole gel! After couple minutes I felt energized again a happy me I cruised my way toward the finish line.Just before the finish @Hero tapped my shoulder and passed me and with a big smile I finished  pain free race with a time of                                  
At the finish I saw Rob Veer, of course you can never walk by without spotting him with his red hat! We talked a little and then I headed back to the sport hall after proudly picking up my medal and before I freeze from the cold!
Then Rene and Christine showed up all happy that they also didn't have any cramps or pain while running! I headed upstairs with Christine to have a drink with her running Club, Marcel who also didn't have cramps and was happy to have finished joined us for a bier!

Happy with our Medals! Christine, Marcel and Myself
Then we took the bus back toward the parking, I dropped Christine safely home and I headed back to my hubby and my little boy! I loved going to Egmond but my day started at 9 am and I was not home before 17:00 it was somehow an exhausting day for a 92 min run and for sure that is not how I would like to spend my sunday but I surely enjoyed it!

All in all, I am very satisfied with my run, I am trusting myself more and more I am learning how to run fast again and I am sure one day I will be back to the level where I was before my Injury if not better! I need to stay patient and I know I will be there!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


My finish tile
What is a better way to make a closure of a year where I was injured, than running a cross on soft sand with up and down hills and not having a knee pain?
On the last day of the year I run my first cross and that was a test for my knee and a new experience. I really wanted to end 2012 in a different way!
While I was talking to Rob Druppers and told him I am running the Sylvester Cross in Soest he offered to sign me up since he was part of the organisation and I may pick up my start number and stay in the VIP tent! What a luxury! Of course I couldn't refuse his offer!

On the race day, I had to work a little bit in the morning then around 12:00 headed to Soest to run 3 x 2000m on the sands!
I am not a fan of laps but it didn't bother me so much this time! I actually liked the 2nd and 3rd lap more than the 1st lap because I knew what to expect!
I went to VIP tent picked up my start number changed into my running clothes. In the VIP tent there was a buffet with soup sandwiches, Oliebollen, Coffee and drinks, VIP athletes were very well taken care of! I went on a warm up run and at 13:30 I was at start. What I didn't really realize is that i was going to run with one of the best women in the Netherlands! Oh that is great! So now my goal is to finish not dead last and I didn't ;)

As soon as we took off I only saw sprinters flying... First round was more like testing the ground as we say, I run in a very comfort pace the whole 3 laps but every lap was a little faster and that is what made me proud! I managed to run a solid 3 laps on a tough course without complaining about anything beside heavy legs!

I finished  the 6,3 km in 29' 35 and I got a nice tile! Apparently every year you get a different tile so now on I have to build up my tile collection.
I really enjoyed running a cross it is a total different feeling then the asphalt running. It is challenging and pushes you in a different way and that exactly suits me :)