Monday, September 19, 2011

Dam tot DamLoop 2011

For the Second time I run the Dam tot Dam run. A 16 km run from the dam in Amsterdam to the dam in Zaandam.I know this race is not a kind of race where you can really run a PR especially that I am running with the business group of McDonald's. This means i am running with runners who run more for fun then runners who want to run fast! Of course my goal was to run for fun but really fast :)

I took the train to Amsterdam. Once i arrived, it was pooring rain and i felt very cold! Luckily I met with another mcDonald's girl we had some tea and tried to stay warm before the race. 15 min before the race it stopped somehow raining, it was a perfect timing to head to the start of the race!

The atmosphere at the start was amazing, people are dancing and singing it was a great moment! I am not kidding just 30 sec before the start out of nowhere it started to rain so hard, i thought to myself this is not going to be a kind of race i wish to run!!
At 13:10 the race has begun and here i am hitting the pavement as fast as possible while the rain is hitting my head as hard as possible! The first km were absolutely wet! I felt the water in my socks, not the greatest feeling...
Under the tunnel it was nice and warm with a nice atmosphere and here i felt great i found myself a nice pace, at the exit of the tunnrl the rain was even harder and i could see the lightening in the sky! Here i realized that i am running ahead of the race (Vak3) with few other guys, few km further we catch up to the slow runner of the previous group(vak2) and that was a little drama.... I had to scream all the way for people to move to the right especially when the road didn't have enough space to over pass. It was not the best moment of the race...

At 10 km i was at 41'50 and here i had to focus to get the last 6 km done! few km further i hear someone screaming my name out of nowhere and i look to see @RubenRent cheering for me, JEUUH!

The last few km are the best because running through the town with people on both sides of the street and all kind of music playing around it really gives you energy. Of course me running with a McDonald's tshirt i heard everyone from everwhere screaming GO McDonald's that was really funny :)

The last km was pretty fast and i finished my 16.1k in 1h7min 26" and that is surely a PR.

I am happy and i hope next  year i will run a little faster!! :))

here is my official result: