About Me

I am a Lebanese/Dutch girl who grew up on the mountain hills. Moved to USA to pursue my skiing career, since the opportunities in Lebanon are limited. I was part of the University ski team and studied computer Science. I got the opportunity to represent my country at many world skiing championships . I am the sister of a 3 times Olympic skier. My sister participated at the Olympics winter games in 2002, 2006 en 2010.

I moved to the Netherlands end of 2008 to be with my hubby. In 2010 I became a mom of a beautiful boy who is already eager to run and in 2014 I gave birth to a beautiful girl who is Born to be a "fastLady" :)

Being in the Netherlands, the country that has no mountains, made me miss the adrenaline feeling of a FAST downhill run. I had to find myself a new hobby....this hobby turned out to be RUNNING. I got hooked and now I love and breath running!

Beside running, I adore my hubby who supports me in everything I do and my 2 beautiful babies !! I love traveling with them and explore the world with all kind of cultures, traditions and try new yummie food! Last but not least, I love my job as a software Engineer with an Oracle Fusion middelware Speciality.


  1. Hi there, I'm Judy. I have a question and would love to speak with you more. Please email me when you get a chance, thank you!

  2. Hy there Im Moema, how nice your running life, I found your profile on strava, its just unbelievable, hw much you run in a week. Then I google your name and you blogspot apears. Incredible journey.