Thursday, June 23, 2011

Adidas Ladies run 10 km

June 19th the adidas ladies run in Ahoy. I always enjoy those kind of races when it only women!! it gets a little more competitive!
Through twitter I read that some other ladies are going to run the Adidas ladies run, so we decided to meet before the race!
It was a pleasure to meet @SylviaVogelzang @MarjonRunning @RunnuningEllemiek and Karina.
Sylvia introduced me to Wilma from Run2Day Rotterdam!! Very nice lady!! She let us put our bags with her and gave us all a small gift!!

The weather was not the most beautiful day but I think for a runner it was the perfect day! Usually i am not a fan of hard rain like it has been the last few days!! Luckily it wasnt raining that hard that day.

At 12 I meet up with the other twitter friends at Kralingse zoom station. We took the metro to Ahoy. Never took the metro in the Netherlands so it was a nice experience!!

We arrived picked our numbers find a restroom and head out for the start. I really wanted to be in front for the start so i moved my way to the closest from the startline. I look at my garmin to see that it is DEAD!! Honestly i freaked out and suddenly out of the blues it turns on and gets the satellite signal! wohoo i am lucky!!

The first kms i kept repeating to myself dont go too fast!! somehow i tend to start with a pace of 4'03 and every km the pace goes higher....not very ideal!!
I really wanted to do a negative slpit!

So my pace was steady i felt strong in my legs and every once a while i check my pace to be sure i dont slow down and when i did i pushed myself to keep up the pace! Around 4 km i realised that I was 4th but also realised that i am running all alone...
One thing usually i like about a race is to keep passing other usually feels good and help me keep pushing myself but here i was looking arounfd to notice that i am really alone....the race was me and the time...

I felt strong the whole time until the finish line my pace was around 4'15 and my final time 42'28. I did finish 4th in my category and 5th out of 1890 runners.

I am very happy that i was able to run faster than my last 10 km

This week i wont be able to run because my husband is away and no one to baby sit!! Next saturday another 10 km race and that would be the last one for a while.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Zuidas Run 10 EM

Zuidas run on may 29th...the business loop van Nederland!! I did run this prace 2 years ago and my time was 1h 7min so my goal was to match this time...
We organized a team Accenture + my client C1000. We did got cool tshirts Accenture in the back and C1000 in the front. We had a team of 15 people....

The weather was really nice but we all underestimated the wind that was blowing so hard!!!
The first 10 km i was against the wind, i did a small mistake because my first km was below 4'10 i think i am starting too fast and i am not being able to build up the speed!!

After 10 km my legs were burning and when the wind was helping me i couldnt build up speed i was just dead!!!

I already knew that i shouldnt give up and that i could finish on the podium....the last km were the hardest ....i saw the pacer of 1h10 just passing me....I refused to be behind this time i stayed with him and passed him at the finish to end up with a time 1'09'

I wasnt too happy with my performance and i wasnt expecting to be in the top 3...but to my big surprise i was!!!! Very happy...i forgot about my time that i am over 2min slower than 2 years ago, i just enjoyed being third.

Leiden Marathon

This was my first half Marathon after pregnancy. I wasn't sure if i was ready for it or not!! Being ready in my opinion is running fast... the question was am i ready to run as fast as last year?
Apparently NOT!! i run in 1h 32 min ...2 min slower than my PR

the Nice thing of this whole race that i got to meet with some twitter friends. Running Ronald, RubenRent and others.... so according to RR i could keep up with RubenRent but here i started with him at pace 4' 13/km and of course i couldn't keep up with this pace it was way too busy!!

At the finish line my beautiful husband and son were waiting for me!!!
Every race is special!! Every race has its unique taste:)