Friday, October 8, 2010

35 weeks still running

        Last year like now I was so fit so ready to compete in every race possible. I had in mind to run the chicago marathon 2010, of course all the plans changed when i knew i was going to become a mami!!  I am only 5 weeks away before I meet my little angel. Five weeks sound so close after everything i went through for 35 weeks but yet 5 weeks still a long time.

Today i managed to run for 45 min on a very easy pace. Running with all this extra weight is also very interesting but It felt great!! The reward of having a baby is much greater than finishing a race with a great time and having a medal on my neck.on the other hand reading about all those people who are going to run chicago marathon or other races makes me somehow wish to be among them.

I am so looking forward to have a baby and start running again. I set high goals for next year, I know it wont be easy at first especially that i have to get fit again!!  I might not accomplish them all but just knowing they are there and i could meet all my goals by pushing my body and mind.  Honestly it sounds crazy with the number of the races that i would like to run and yes Chicago 2011 is on my plate.
I run Half marathons but never a marathon, Rotterdam marathon 2010 was one of the races i was training for and one month before thats where the positive pregnancy test showed up :) So i couldn't run my first marathon.
I am so excited for next year, when you are deprived from something you end up craving it. Thats how i feel craving long run all the time... I am waiting for the day where i could just go out there, me myself and I feeling the pounding heel-soles embarking me on a new journey.

At the moment my excitement to meet my little baby in five weeks is only growing by the minute.

Have a nice weekend!!