Wednesday, May 5, 2010

6 km race while pregnant

I am pregnant almost for 3 months. Between week 7 until now it has been a rough road for me. Morning sickness which were not only morning sickness but were a whole day sickness and especially in the evenings.
When I come back from work instead of having some energy to walk/jog/run outside i couldn't do anything buy lay on the couch. It is indeed a strange feeling when your body is used to run 6 days out of 7 and now you find yourself tired sick nausea headaches and vomiting....
I signed up to few races in the spring before i knew i was pregnant, one of the races I planned to run is the Rotterdam marathon which i had to pass on it. I don't want to experience my first marathon while pregnant and no way i could run the marathon knowing it could be a risk in the early stage of pregnancy even though I trained so hard for it.

Another race is the Zuidas run which originally I signed up for the 10Miles. I switched the distance to the 6 km now knowing that I am pregnant. Last year i finished 2nd in the 10EM so this year i was aiming to finish first because I was well trained. By Decreasing the distance all i was hoping for that Sunday 25th of April to wake up and not feeling sick(nausea, weak, headaches and so on) Lucky me I was feeling great!!!
Here I am on the start line I knew in my heart that i shouldn't even try to run fast. When the race started I was there running and unconsciously I wanted to run at 14km/h but to my disappointment my body was not helping me I felt weak I felt out of breath...It is a very strange feeling... It is so hard for me to see people passing me and not me passing them :)
My best time in a 6km is 24 min and here a photo of me in the white shirt crossing the finish line at 32 min.

The first thing i did at the finish line to cry my heart out. I felt out of shape i was disappointed with my time, thanks to my husband who believes in me who encouraged me and proved me that i should be proud for running while pregnant, especially he is the best person to know what i have been going through.

I  have in mind to sign up to few races just because nothing can replace the feeling i get after each race despite the results. I will keep running until i am unable to run for two.