Sunday, November 25, 2012

WestrandWeg Run

When I first heard of the WestrandWegRun I just knew that I should be part of it. I only wasn’t sure if I will be ready for it! WestrandwegRun took place on a newly constructed highway (A5) which is planned to be open for traffic Mid-December 2012. The length of the road is about 10km connecting Raasdorp in Haarlemmermeer with the A10 around Amsterdam and 3 of these km are viaduct.

Monday, November 19, 2012

A moment like that ...

Most of the time I like writing about running, but today I chose to write about a priceless moment in my life which is the birthday of my little boy.
Baby D became a real toddler (Peuter D) and turned 2 today. YES 2!!! Honestly time flies!! What an amazing moment to share this special day and see his excitement blowing those 2 candles.

Blowing candle #2
He was so focused and determined trying to blow the candles! Then " Mama en Papa" helped him to cut the cake. He was so excited to cut his favorite cake " Bumba"

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Zilveren Turfloop 2012

Here I am standing again at the start of the Zilveren Turfloop in Mijdrecht ready to run a 5km. The weather was just perfect!! Cold but sunny!  All I wanted is to run fast but not too fast...Euh!! More like run without any knee pain but not disappoint myself!
At the start, I was with Falco my fast neighbour who decided a day before the race to join my ride and run a fast 5k.

Falco n Me before the start