Sunday, November 25, 2012

WestrandWeg Run

When I first heard of the WestrandWegRun I just knew that I should be part of it. I only wasn’t sure if I will be ready for it! WestrandwegRun took place on a newly constructed highway (A5) which is planned to be open for traffic Mid-December 2012. The length of the road is about 10km connecting Raasdorp in Haarlemmermeer with the A10 around Amsterdam and 3 of these km are viaduct.

The whole idea of having a unique chance to run on that road made me all excited and crazy enough to sign up for the race! Crazy because my body is nowhere close from being ready to run a 21 km with only few weeks of training! My training were based on running more kms without any  knee pain and being sure that my injury is getting better and not worse. After 9 months sitting with a knee injury (ITBS), finally the last few weeks my running started to feel more stable and the trust with my legs is getting bigger!

My therapist did not advice me to race, he believes I shouldn’t be racing at all until January! My patience did not allow me to wait that long ;) I promised to run it without pushing my limits and loose up the " break my records" attitude!!

Around 14:15 on Saturday I met up with a nice  group of runners at station Sloterdijk some of them I met before and some of them I knew them via twitter. 

Marek, Mario, Marieke, Wendy, Me, Marcel
Ronald, Anthe, Jolande, Wendy and Yvonne
Among them is @RunningRonald who is going to pace @AntheRent, @Laanzaamaan  who is hoping to finish without any pain , @iRepeltje going for a PR, @flowerfairy and @runningMarcel who finished a week before, a race of 15 km with an amazing time!!  We walked toward the start area, I picked my westrandwegrun tshirt and my start number. While waiting for the start, we bumped into @runningVis who smashed the 10k in 37’36. Amazing time Congrats!!
Ron, Marek and me
Just before 16:00 we headed to the start. It was starting to rain and it was freezing cold!! I wasn't so much worried about the weather as much as finishing without pain... I was just so eager to run my first 21k of this year!! Music in my ears and here I went… The first few kms I run them with Marcel, he was running so easy and smooth!
I felt awesome till 15k point, then my leg became heavy with some cramp feeling in my lower back, as promised to run smart and not push myself I slowed my pace down and crossed the finish line in 1:36:29! I was over the clouds finishing without the sharp stabbing pain in my knee. I can scream of happiness right now!!

A minute later I see @RonDaalhuizen who had also an amazing race and was waiting for his runner mate @michelbliek.
I headed back to change into dry clothes by Joan. This amazing lady is always so caring and  thoughtful! I saw a really nice pink Jacket at her Hardloopwinkel stand designed by Li-ning I couldn't resist but to buy it. I never heard of this brand but they surely have a great collection!!
While waiting for my hubby and PeuterD to pick me up I saw Ronald the top pacer he did it again and he paced Anthe for a PR!!
Also @MariekePiek , @iRepetlje,  @wendySolar1971 and @JolandBroekhof run a PR Congrats!! Yvonne did finish but her race did not go the way she wanted! She did have some pain! Too bad I hope in Ameland she will be pain free!
Between the crowds I see Marcel limping, cold with not a very happy face, who had to step out at km 17 because of some cramps in his hamstring. Pity, he started so good!!
Marcel walked with me to the car and we dropped him safely home and then we headed back to our home to get ready for the Sushi party

I had a wonderful day and evening!!  I forgot how nice it is to be able to race again!!

Now how cool this is going to be when I will be driving on the A5 starting mid-December I will forever remember that my feet hit the asphalt of every km of the WestrandWeg!!


  1. Wat super gaaf dat je zo pijnvrij gelopen hebt. Ben echt blij voor je. Op Ameland kun je weer als vanouds knallen. Het was ontzettend leuk iedereen weer gezien en gesproken te hebben en nogmaals bedankt dat jullie mij thuis hebben gebracht. Tot snel.

  2. wat geweldig dat het zo goed ging met je! Keep it up en op naar Ameland! En ja, je jack is heel mooi en ik vind "Happy-Ness" een geweldig 'caption' voor die foto!! Coooooool!! See you soon fastlady

  3. I am so happy for you!! Running without pain is a blessing!! I am sure you will go faster at Ameland... Ness city :-) See you there !!

  4. wow! What a time! Congrats on the GREAT race and glad you're able to run without pain!

  5. "Slowed my pace" en alsnog 1:36! The fastlady is on a roll.
    Fijn dat ook deze weer zo goed verlopen is én ook weer pijnloos. Maar met het koppie blijven lopen en langzaam/voorzichtig opbouwen.

  6. Mooi dat je weer pijnvrij kunt lopen en 1:36 is een prima tijd voor die 1/2 marathon.
    Lekker zo doorgaan, ben benieuwd waar je dan weer op uit gaat komen, but Keep it easy going, yeah

  7. Super dat je pijnvrij je eerste halve marathon dit jaar heb gelopen. Op naar 2013!