Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Motivational Picture


Few Months back I was fighting with myself if I should run Utrecht or Rotterdam marathon.
Today, it would be day # 106 since the last time I had a good run. Not being able to run any of these marathons has been very hard. I still can't  run without pain. The pain doesn't want to give up on me!! Now I can't even imagine that I ever run a marathon or I cant even imagine that I will ever run a marathon again in my whole life! 

 I am thankful to this picture from Beirut Marathon
which keeps me motivated and keeps reminding me that
once I was a runner,
once I run a marathon,
once I did finish a marathon,
and once not only run but run FAST.
This picture hides 1000 of words and memories. 

Beirut Marathon- 27-11-11 - First Lebanese woman- 3:09:09