Thursday, November 25, 2010

Welcome to the world Baby Daniel

Friday november 19 will never be the same. On this day my little angel Daniel is born at 8 15.
He is so sweet and cute. I barely hear him beside when its time to eat ... I am enjoying every moment of it because in my heart i know that in no time he will grow up. I love being a mom!!

It was so strange to come the 3 of us home instead of just 2...really life is like a miracle...i think i can go on i am full of emotion and still amazed of the birth of Daniel.

The really nice part here in the Netherlands that i get a certified lady to come and help me for one week at home. She teaches me how to handle Daniel, how to give him a bath how to feed him and at the same time she cleans the house , do laundry and get me something to eat. I feel treated like a queen :)
it is the only country in the world they offer this kind of service after the birth of a child. Im lovin' it!

Below 2 photos of Daniel.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Time to meet My little baby

Normally i love being in contol of things but at this point i have absolutely no control i am waiting for my baby to see when he feels like celebrating his birthday!! No signs at all that it would be anytime soon...
While waiting for my little man i had plenty of time to think of all the things i want to do and change once i become a mother. I got a chance to plan a draft of all the races i would like to run and of course the first one would be Rotterdam Marathon in April but the question is would i be ready for that race? Would i be all in shape and at my highest performance?

Running is of course what i love to do but i am very competitive with myself. So far every race has been a PR so what if i set an unrealistic time for the marathon and end up being disappointed???
A part of me i want to do the marathon in april and this will help me be serious and get motivated about my training as soon as possible and the other part of me i want to wait and gain more confidence before running a new course.

I will let this thought sink in before making any decision but at the very moment all i want is to hold and squeeze my baby in my arms!!! Come on baby we are all waiting for you !!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

38+ weeks pregnant still running...but this is it!

I am about 2 weeks away before i get to  meet my little baby. I am super excited to be a mom for the first time.
Today i managed to run a 3 Km but to be honest i think thats it, my running shoes are going to be retired for a while.
Running for me is  usually the moment where i feel free, light, peaceful, where i can forget everything and just focus on the things around the POWER OF NOW.
Today running was not that much fun, i was scared. Being so close to have a baby i was worried what if my water break, what if the baby is so big now he is feeling uncomfortable... what if i fall now that i am 15kg heavier, all kind of worries were running in my brain, eventhough once i was done i felt so good. i felt powerful and proud!!
Ii am so ready to get rid of this belly and have my kido between my arms.