Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dam Tot DamLoop 2013

For 4 years in a row I take part of this amazing event Called Dam tot Damloop. A 10 EM run from Amsterdam to Zaandam! I love this race just because of its crowds and the atmosphere along the way. Just like the other years I run in the business team of McDonald's.
This year is a special one, I am 16 weeks pregnant which means 4 months Pregnant! My goal is to run for the fun and not give it all. I will run as long as long as it feels good!

Just a week before the race it was confirmed that Ron who is a big fan of McDonald's can also join the team. Ron had a goal to run around 1:15 or maybe just a little faster to beat his personal best. As for me I was thinking more around 1:20 knowing my circumstances. Ron asked me if I will manage to keep up with his pace which is around 4'35/km . Knowing me I can't "Refuse" so I decided to give it a shot. We will start together and see how it goes, if I feel any discomfort I will slow down or stop if needed.

Monday, September 9, 2013

30K of North Amsterdam

For the First time I stand on the start of the 30 km of North Amsterdam. This time not alone but with a little heart beat in my belly.

How do you run a race knowing that?

Running races while pregnant is considerably different than running when you’re not pregnant.  It can be more challenging in some ways and more enjoyable in others. Here’s how I’ve found it is different:

Mindset:The first thing to recognize is that it is NOT a RACE. It’s important to set aside all the competitive instincts that make me want to run faster to beat a PR or another person. I didn't cancel any race since I knew I was pregnant just for the camaraderie and fun of running, it feels good to run with others. It’s important to let go of expectations when running while pregnant and just enjoy the moment: the scenery, the runners around you, the spectators. It can be a lot of fun and a break from competitive running, where my focus is mainly on the clock and my pace and the people I want to beat.