Friday, September 25, 2009

10 Mile Race

September 19th i run a 10 mile race in Amsterdam called the Dam tot Damloop. It was an amazing race because it was at night. Running at night with a great music and a great atmosphere makes me want to run faster.

Before i start running i set a goal of 1h 10 min or Less... The course was amazing, Nike did a great job with all the set up. I felt very good, a steady Pace of 13.5 km/h. Usually at the last few km i can just move my pace to 14 but this time i was stuck at that pace. i did every 5 km in 22 min and i end up finishing with 1h 11.

I am a little disappointed, because i really wanted to go below 1h 10 and i know i can.  This was my first race since the spring so i shouldn't be too hard on myself. On october 18th i am running my first 1/2 marathon and i am super excited about it.

Usually I dont set time for a new Distance but i would love to do my first 1/2 marathon arounf the 1h 30.
23 days to go and i am getting super excited about it.

My love for running has increased big time. After work even when i am tired going out and running is the best feeling of the day. I am runner and i will keep running.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Carbohydrate Cravings

         I grew up in an athletic environment. My parents met each others when my mom fell while skiing and my dad came to help her. From that moment, they knew they were made for each other and never let go. Every weekend my parents took my sister and I skiing and in the summer time they signed us up to Tennis camps or sent us to ski im TIgnes on the  glacier.

I never had to worry about my weight or what I ate. I used to eat Pasta, bread, croissant all the time. It all changed when I moved to USA to go to the University. Diet commercials everywhere, all my friends at school were talking about loosing weight and not eating carbs etc…
I lived in the USA for 6 years and now I am back to Europe. As long as I remember since then every time I eat pasta or bread I have to work it off and feel GUILTY.  I haven’t being able to enjoy it. I feel it is like poison and bad for my health. I miss the old time when I was just a little girl  

As a runner, I need my carbs since I don’t eat it that often I crave it all the time!!! Sometimes I dream about food and eating in my dreams….
I really think I should start to include carbs in my life without being all paranoid. Carbs is the fuel of a runner. I Need it….Don’t I??? Bu why am I all worried when I think of Carbs I think of FAT

In this Blog I set a new goal:
--Introducing carbs slowly in my diet without feeling all the guilt ( I Hope)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is running good when trying to get pregnant?

Here i am one week away from my next running event. I feel sore all over my body because this week i pushed myself. The feeling was great but i noticed more km I run more I feel some sort of pain somewhere.This week i will take it easy in order to be ready for my next race.

My husband and I decided it is about time to have a baby. It is very exciting but at the same time i am getting stressed. How my body is going to change? Will i be able to keep running? Somehow the fact i am running a lot and i have signed up to few running event in the next few months is making me worried. Will I ever be pregnant while running at high intensity? should I slow down?

I know i am not the first and only person who want to get pregnant without changing much in her lifestyle. I really hope i will get pregnant soon and I really hope i can keep running until the day i am due.

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Sunday Run

Well I have decided to do long runs on the weekend. Since i started running i thought i am a good runner. I thought by running a 10 km in 41 min and a 5 km in 19 min would make me a hero.


I signed up for the 10 miles race which is in 2 weeks and 1/2 marathon race in October. I decided to increase my distances, usually i would run anywhere between a 5 km to 12 km MAX.

On Sunday i decided to go far, i woke up a little hangover from the previous night, *Bad News* but felt like running. Shoes on Ipod beating the best beats and off the road... after 15 km i felt the pain in my leg muscles, i didnt want to give up ... I kept running until i was mentally ready for cup of coffee and starting my sunday.

I felt so good running that far, great feeling but today i feel sore. Almost like a handicap person without any energy and who is starving all the timel.
I just had lunch and usually i just eat a tuna salad a cup of soup, i couldnt resist the cheese sandwiches...and Still hungryyyyyyyy.

I wonder if i should run tonight, i just feel the pain all over with a great feeling of satisfaction.

GOAL: Next weekend 21 km

Thursday, September 3, 2009

What to buy a gift to my Husband

Most of the time i have been writing about running and food. Well this time i am just so confused what to buy to my husband on his Birthday. We have been married for 13 months now. Since our marriage it seems every occasion the gift gets bigger.
Starting with his B-day then Xmas then my birthday then wedding anniversary and now His B-day again.
We are type of people if we like something we buy it, so here my hubby's Birthday in 2 weeks and i have no idea what to buy!!!
He has absolutely everything and almost once a week we go eat out so going out wouldn't be any special neither....

I thought by writing this maybe i can think of something that is not expensive but has a lot of values. Like what?????