Monday, September 7, 2009

My Sunday Run

Well I have decided to do long runs on the weekend. Since i started running i thought i am a good runner. I thought by running a 10 km in 41 min and a 5 km in 19 min would make me a hero.


I signed up for the 10 miles race which is in 2 weeks and 1/2 marathon race in October. I decided to increase my distances, usually i would run anywhere between a 5 km to 12 km MAX.

On Sunday i decided to go far, i woke up a little hangover from the previous night, *Bad News* but felt like running. Shoes on Ipod beating the best beats and off the road... after 15 km i felt the pain in my leg muscles, i didnt want to give up ... I kept running until i was mentally ready for cup of coffee and starting my sunday.

I felt so good running that far, great feeling but today i feel sore. Almost like a handicap person without any energy and who is starving all the timel.
I just had lunch and usually i just eat a tuna salad a cup of soup, i couldnt resist the cheese sandwiches...and Still hungryyyyyyyy.

I wonder if i should run tonight, i just feel the pain all over with a great feeling of satisfaction.

GOAL: Next weekend 21 km

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