Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is running good when trying to get pregnant?

Here i am one week away from my next running event. I feel sore all over my body because this week i pushed myself. The feeling was great but i noticed more km I run more I feel some sort of pain somewhere.This week i will take it easy in order to be ready for my next race.

My husband and I decided it is about time to have a baby. It is very exciting but at the same time i am getting stressed. How my body is going to change? Will i be able to keep running? Somehow the fact i am running a lot and i have signed up to few running event in the next few months is making me worried. Will I ever be pregnant while running at high intensity? should I slow down?

I know i am not the first and only person who want to get pregnant without changing much in her lifestyle. I really hope i will get pregnant soon and I really hope i can keep running until the day i am due.

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