Friday, April 29, 2011

10 km of the Jaarbeurs Marathon

Here it has been 5 months since the birth of my son! I signed up to the city pier city 10 km in March but somehow my start number never came and i didnt push to get a new number so i let go i thought maybe i wasnt yet ready to run a race!

The first few months after the pregnancy i think were the hardest. I couldnt find a rithym in my life i was nursing every 3 hours so i felt it was a never ending. Now that my son goes to the creche 4 days a week and now that he started to sleep from 7pm till 7am with an 11 pm feeding life became much easier. i have more energy to do things even though i am still nursing him and this takes a lot of energy and time. Not until the last months that i started to run like 4 times a week...

Finally i made up my mind that i need to sign up to another race. This race is the 10 km on April 25 th. What is so special about this race is that the start is only 50 m from my house!!
The day of the race everything was hurting me, my knee, my stomach, i was tired...obviously these symptoms started because i was very nervous!

I knew i wont have a PR but i also deep in my heart i knew i can run fast!! Why i wouldnt be able to do a PR? The answer is Simple -->lack of training...

11 am the start, 10 min before the start i walk toward the start and find myself way behind the start line. Thanks to another twitter frien @MennoHollander we were able to move few meters closer to the start line. 11'03 was my start time 3 min behind the official start. The first 2 km were a combination of running and skiing. Skiing because i was running right and left to move away from the crowd. The biggest obstacle was the heat! My mouth was absolutely dry i was suffering from dihydration from the first few meters!!! After the first 2 km I picked a good pace around the 4'15 and cruised my way to the finish line.

Nothing is more wonderful to know that my hubby and little boy are waiting for me at the finish line!! Thank you boys for the support!!!
I finished with a time of 43'08. In the overall ladies i was placed 13th out of 1070!! BUT  I had a neutral feeling i wasn't too happy or sad.  I know i could do better but i also know that i should be patience to my body who had a C-Section 5 months ago.

I was happy to see @JudithWebber another twitter Friend.

Next race would be on may 15 th the half marathon of Leiden!!