Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dam tot DamLoop 2012

I woke up with a heart beat of 180. I am excited and scared...
Today is the day i am going to run a full race of 16 km in Amsterdam, today is 9 months and 25 days  since my last race, today is 2 weeks before my ITBS release surgery...
It has been exactly one week since I have been managing to run everyday without any knee pain. On Saturday 15th of September, after my trip to the US and the famous American deep tissue massage that I had and left my whole leg bruised in blue for 4 days, I went on a run "Pre-Ameland Run" with a nice group of runners and I managed to run  9 km without much pain. I was very surprised but I thought that the next day it will get bad!! But It didn't!!

Yesterday I went on another 5 km run when I came home super hyper energetic and those are the signs of a good run. My  hubby asked me why don't you run Dam tot Dam since you have a start number and see how far you go? Well I answered I am not ready! I love racing because I love to run fast and be faster than my fastest time.... so why even bother....and I am scared, what if I stop in the middle of the way? Now i have been enjoying my pain free run of 5 km why would I want to ruin that?

So he gave me my start number for Dam to Dam, he got it via his work and he was hiding it from me, he didn't want me to be disappointed again and he said tomorrow you should run it! Take your phone with you Just send me your location the moment you feel any pain and I will pick you up!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hell Run Chicago

It was time for another vacation and this time the destination was: USA
During my 3 weeks stay I got to meet my sister, who lives in Chicago. She knows how frustrated I have been with my knee injury, but still she signed me up to a Hell Run race on Sept 1st with the idea that we go there and have lots of fun! 

Hell run Is a 5 k of muddy fun! I have never participated in an event like this and it was super wild.

 Basically you run a little bit then climb huge walls

and  wade through a pool of mud,