Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hell Run Chicago

It was time for another vacation and this time the destination was: USA
During my 3 weeks stay I got to meet my sister, who lives in Chicago. She knows how frustrated I have been with my knee injury, but still she signed me up to a Hell Run race on Sept 1st with the idea that we go there and have lots of fun! 

Hell run Is a 5 k of muddy fun! I have never participated in an event like this and it was super wild.

 Basically you run a little bit then climb huge walls

and  wade through a pool of mud,

 have some mud fight and laugh till you cant breath...

climb a muddy hill,


Jump over the fire... Of course it had to be in style!

Running through hell with my sister was so much fun, we laughed our hearts out!!
  When we arrived at the finish there was Live music with Coolio "Gangster Paradise"!
A great atmosphere for a wonderful day! 

On September 9 th I was supposed to run the HM of Chicago but since my injury is still persistent I went to cheer my sister up who run and finished with a amazing time of 1:29:03 …what a little rocket! She has been running seriously less than a year ago, and she will be running her first marathon at  Chicago Marathon on October 7th 
Chirine at the Finish of the Chicago HM
I think running runs through the family!!! I cant wait to be running again…
 Next plan is to run together Boston Marathon but first lets see how my knee surgery goes…. Couple more weeks to go! SCARY!!


  1. What a hell of a race :)) Great pictures!! And yes, Your sister is also a fast lady! Good luck with your surgery and I'll keep my fingers crossed for a quick and full recovery!

  2. Hahaha mooi, dat soort zaken (hell race) komen ook steeds meer in Nederland. Alleen dan iets langer dan 5 km :-)

  3. Dit blogje had ik gemist. Super zeg en wat een gave foto's