Friday, May 22, 2015

Rotterdam marathon 2015

This is my first Rotterdam marathon. I heard so many positive feedbacks of how amazing is to Run in Rotterdam. I signed up for the race within the first minutes after the registration was open and booked a hotel together with some firends

My last few weeks of training after Utrecht marathon felt good but somehow my right calf was annoying me after every training. With some foam rolling I kept going with my training without taking the good time to recover.
6 days  before Rotterdam marathon I run De loop van de haar a fast 10 km and I finished on the podium.

My goal for Rotterdam marathon is to run a personal best and that is a sub3hours6min. Ruben my running mate, agreed to pace me to a PR. Ruben have paced me in the past so I am used to his way of pacing, somehow he knows when I need to slow down or go faster and that make him a perfect pacer for me. He sets the pace and I follow! How simple is that! ( not really :) ).

One day before the race I went on my last run to end up coming home with tears because of a severe pain in my calf. I honestly knew at that moment that Rotterdam marathon won't be a smooth run.
I went to the expo picked my startnumber and got my foot/calf tapped, hopping It will relieve the pain.

In the evening we had dinner at the Hilton and I got the pleasure to be surrounded with all the elite runners! It gave me extra motivation and made me more excited for the race. Of course I Had to take a picture with the trio sisters from Iceland.