Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What 2012 is hiding for me?

It is the end of the year and looking back at 2011...

I run 3 PRs a 10 km in 39:14 and a PR in 10 EM in 1:07 I also run my first marathon in 3:11:05 and 6 weeks later I scored a PR at BeirutMarathon with a time of 3:09:09 (First Lebanese woman). I run 2 marathons in 2 months and I caught the marathon bug! I am officially addicted it was an experience not to be ever forgotten!! I have to give myself a credit because I didn't start running until May 2011 since i was recovering from the birth of BabyD via C section...

2011 was somehow unique and challenging just because I was able to combine my 4 days job as a software engineer who requires lots of sharpness as well as being a mother who requires lots of attention and a runner who is eager to run faster every day which also costs lots of time!I am known as a 'SuperChick' :D Through 2011 many doors were there for me to open them. Out of every door I opened a unique experience came out of it and these  experiences made me a stronger and a better person who is ready to attack 2012...

What does 2012 has for the little ambitious girl?

Motto: RUN FAST, BE THE BEST!  I would like to run more than 2 marathons just because I love the pain and the adrenaline and everything that a marathon has to offer!! At least one of these marathon has to be a sub3:05...  i would also like to run a sub 1:30 in a HM and a sub 1 hour in a 15k distance... One of my dreams is to run New York marathon and most of the time when i want something it happens :) especially when i have the full support of my hubby.

Speaking of hubby and running it can be very difficult at times, running can drift you away especially when you get addicted to running not only running but running with certain special people. When this happens it can be an issue and unfortunately at that point you might  have to give up some of your running mates but in the other hand you gain back the support, the attention and the love of your hubby. The bound becomes much stronger ...I am thankful to have a wonderful man who is totally willing to support my running and be there for me!!

I would like to thank all my family, my friends and my twitter friends who supported me and encouraged me throughout 2011!! You made my journey very exciting!!! THANK YOU!!
I will be drinking Champagne on your behalf!!

2012 Here I come...

Happy New Year 2012!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lintloop Max

Few months back we moved to Vleuten and the first thing i had to search for, is a peaceful place to run. I fell in love with the "Lint" which is only few minutes walking from my house. It is a nice course of 8 km only dedicated to bikers runners and most importantly no cars!!

When I saw that that the first edition of the Lintloop "Lintloop max" will be held on November 13th I had to sign up without even thinking.... How can I not run the course that I run at least 3 times a week?

I signed up before I knew I was going to run BeirutMarathon. First week of November I run the Zilveren Turfloop that was planned long time ago. If Beirut Marathon is on 27/11 when do i get to run my long run? That was hard to decide... Since @RubenRent is running Beirut Marathon with me and he haven’t planned a race on that day so I thought maybe we could run 30k together.
The question is am I really willing to give up the "homeTown" race and just go run a 30k? The answer was No! Ruben and i after a lot of hesitation if we should run de 10EM of the 5EM have decided to run the 30k in 3 etapes.
Etapes1: 10km pace of 5'/km
Etapes2: 8km racing " 5EM of the LintLoop Max"
Etapes3: 12km pace of 5'/km
3 etapes 30km. Sounds crazy no?! We were excited and curious to see how we were going to handle those 30k.--> we also planned to run the 30k and be on time for the prize ceremony, not sure why ;)

On Sunday 13th of November, Ruben arrives at 9:15 at my place we get some coffee head to the start to pick up our startnumbers. In the parking someone recognized Ruben and I from @RunningRonald blog!!! This someone was "John" who was doubting if he runs de 8k or de 16k, one week after he runs a marathon. According to my experience i couldn't run a 5k after my marathon!!John ended up running the 16k and a PR!!
After John left somehow Ruben and i looked at each other and laughed thinking how cool "we are famous!" thank you Ronald :))

Around 10:00 we headed to etape1 of our journey. Running and talking time went fast! By the time we were back we already run 12K and not 10Kas planned!! Was that smart or not?
We get to the car change into our racing gear, went inside to see Ruud, Ronald and John. All week long, I knew Ronald will be there to run a fast 10Em. His best time was a 1:05:07 will he be able to improve that? A small chit chat at the tennis club next to the start and we headed to the start. All week long i have been asking Ruud if he will run the Lintloop. I am glad he made it and was amongst us at the start of the 5EM.

I wasn't as nervous as usually maybe because I never run an 8km and i didnt have a goal time. My only goal was to run fast and who knows maybe i can finish first!!
The start was amazing, it wasn’ t stuffed, it was relaxing, Ronald and John were there and took some nice pictures " thank you" .... Ruud, Ruben and I were up in the front. At 10:40 the race started. I only saw guys flying in front of me. It went fast the first 500m, 4 guys were ahead, Ruben and I were in a group the first km. After 2 km Ruben took off to catch up to the escaped guys and i tried to stay below 4'/km.No too much stress knowing that i was leading the ladies race. On and off i kept feeling in my legs the 12 km that we run earlier. In front of me I kept seeing Ruben flying and catching up to the guys who escaped the first km, last km as always give it all and i finished First in the ladies and 8th total out of 393 runners with a time of 31'45 avg pace 3:57. I couldn't ask for better knowing that this was my 20th km of the day!!! At the finish Ruben says he was second with a time of 29'59 that is 16km/h !!!Wow, he also did a podium after 20k!! Ruud was just after me with an amazing time of 32'14.

We didn't waste too much time, straight to the car, we changed one more time and we head to Etapes 3 which is now only 10k left.
We run the Lint backward cheering for the runners of the 10EM. People making jokes that we were running the other way around, we were running on endorphins laughing and just telling people Ruben is second and i am first and still 10k to go. It was a really fun ... We crossed Ronald 2 times on the lint cheering for him...we stopped at the water post which we didn't have time to stop while running the 8k :)
By the time we arrived back to the starting point, we saw Ronald flying the last meters at 20km/h.... He did it!!! PR for RR with a finish time 1:03:04 and 6th overall!! "Chapeau"!!

Last km of our journey was quiet, thinking that the next time we reach 30k it would be while racing the Beirut Marathon...

30k in the legs, sunny day and podium for Ruben and myself ... It couldn't have been a better day than this!!!

More fotos Copyright by John de Boer

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Zilveren Turfloop a PR @10k

Did this really happen or I am dreaming!! A sub40 for the 10 km distance? Wait a second that is not a dream, It did really happen Final time 39’14 in Mijdrecht on Sunday 7th of November. How did I do it and how it all started?

After my last 10 km race in Nieuwegein with @RunningRonald , he believed that there is much more in me and that I can easily run below the 40’. He promised to be my ’HAAS’, which is "pacer" in dutch and helps me to run a sub40 . The same evening on the TL he comes up with a race and a date the Zilveren turfloop in Mijdrecht. I didn’t expect he would be so serious but he was!!

I was excited about the idea and I was saying the whole time” Yeah Sub40!I can do it!! “ But then my thoughts and everything else was focused at the big day " My first marathon". After my first marathon experience my recovery was not what I would have liked it to be. I have blasted my leg muscle during the marathon …the first week I couldn’t almost run at all. As soon as I reach 5km the same muscle get tight and I couldn’t run anymore!! Is this serious? Is this happening to me. I emailed @Ilonka-hengel and asked her for advice! In the same day she reassured me that this is normal and just need to take it easy but not to stop moving.  Second week after the marathon I rested a lot and went biking instead. Biking or resting, my muscle was still hurting me. The 10k race was getting closer and closer and my leg was not getting any better.

One week before the sub40 race the pressure was getting high. My "haas" made sure that all his 1000 followers on twitter knew about this race!!! If you went on twitter one week before the race you would think some kind of bomb is going to explode the day of the race!! Everyone was on fire to run a PR.  @RunningMarcel and @RunningRepel  were also amongst the people who wanted so badly to run a PR. keyword on twitter "

With all that happening how could I even think about not be able to make it!!The excitement and the pressure of sub40 is getting high. Usually I get all excited but knowing the pain in my leg I kept doubting if I am able to do it!! Yes I do have a pacer but what can he do for me? Run for me? What is a pacer?

Sunday morning, I arrive to Mijdrecht and see that Ronald is already there waiting for me. Inside the sporthal we met with Ruben @RunningMarcel…You would think in a normal race you have to sign up and put your start number and your chip yourself but not ME!!  I had a 5 *  treatment. Ronald didn’t let me do anything he took care of everything…at that moment I was still wondering if he is going to run in place of me. hihi Is that what a "haas" does? “ I got the best "haas”.

A small warm-up run with a little race tempo 3’58. It felt good, my leg felt good but quiet nervous… Few min before 11 am I stand on the start line between Ronald and Ruben. All I wanted is to start…1 AM the startgun fires and the race started
Km1: Together with Ronad and Ruben then Ruben took off to finish his 10k in 38’10 big PR!!
Km2 to km5: Solid run with a pace between 3’54 and 3’59 . Ronald at that point reassures me that we will get the sub40 if we keep going and that I am already the second lady!
Km6 and Km7: 2 km against the wind and my pace went above the 4’ and knowing me you would know that this cannot happen !!
km8 and km9: I had to give it all!! Despite the small pain in my leg my pace was 3’56 3’55 respectively
KM10 GIVE IT ALL!! Pace 3:41

Official finish time 39’14…. Yes I did!!! I also finished second in the ladies!This is more than what I expected! I am still amazed …

I love running because I can push myself everytime and run faster everytime. I am so thankful to Ronald, Ruben and others who believed in me!! I expect from my "haas" to take me to sub38 next time :)
The good news since that day I have no more pain in my leg....Journey to the Next big Race Beirut Marathon!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Amsterdam Marathon: My first marathon an experience not to forget!!

Where do I start! The day after the Marathon, a friend emailed me as I sat in front of my computer with my legs throbbing and asked me, "So, how do you feel"? I immediately replied, "My legs hurt, my pelvic joints feel like they are grinding together, and my knee is not stable"

He energetically fired back, "No, How do you feel"?

He was right! The pain would just be temporary, but as I sat there and absorbed his question, for the first time, I consciously acknowledged an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, relief and calm previously overlooked by the shear magnitude of what I had just experienced. I then responded to him, "Sunday was a big day, the culmination of a hard work and dedication, commitment and focus. I'm not sure how to explain it, figuratively; I've climbed the mountain, stood at the top, appreciated the views, and returned to the bottom. Now, I stand at the base, looking up, respecting what I have just done, without that lingering sense that tomorrow represents another training day, hard work and continued focus. I'm at ease! It's also a reminder that when I put my mind to something, I can accomplish amazing things and experience the most special moments life has to offer"!

After a week of sleepless night at 6 :30 am on Sunday I looked down at my running watch fastened securely to my wrist and immediately realized, today was the day! There would be no more counting down days, there would be no more training runs, today was October 16th, 2011, Marathon Sunday! Today I will run 42,1 km in Amsterdam.
My hubby dropped me at 8 am at the Olympic stadium, the drive going there felt long. I was getting nervous ever minute that we were getting closer. Once I get there I text @RubenRent to see if he was already there. We were suppose to meet in the sports shop at the stadium to have some coffee offered by @JoanHLWAdam the owner of the shop.

I see Ruben both nervous we go get some coffee while impressed by everything around us. The stadium,the finish line,the entrance to the stadium….At the sports shop we got to meet with other friends from twitter."Jaco", "Martin", "Ruud"...  Time went so fast 40 min before the start I go with Ruben on a warm up Run… to realize that it was freezing outside. I think it was around  5 degrees!!

We get back and we head to the start… this is it!! less than 15 min to go… no more going back, 42,1 km are in front of me and I was ready and excited to run after one week of tapering and missing the feeling of a good run!!! I am so happy that Ruben was experiencing the same feeling I had since it is both our first marathon. At the start it was freezing cold we were speechless waiting for the startgun.
First km went very easy I didn’t have the intention to run with Ruben but somehow we had the same pace and it felt great to be running with a first time marathoner.
I wanted to already run fast from km1 but since I don’t know how would I feel at 35 km that everyone warned me about, I had to be careful.

Km after km together with Ruben chatting along the way cruising at pace 4’45 . It felt easy after the 10 km.  At 11 km we had our supporters @RunninRonald together with @runSylrun and others. It was great to see them and of course picture time. Second 10 km we were at a faster pace already, Just before the 30k I started to have some stomach cramps a feeling that I don’t like at all but I kept ignoring it and focus at everything around me and enjoy the scenery of every km I run.

30 km the km that I will never forget… thats where Ronald, sylvia...were waiting to cheer us up.Few km before that point I told Ruben I am looking forward to see our supporters and here I already saw the big flag JVC board and I knew we arrived … Out of nowhere I only see myself  tripping with Ruben and both of us falling hard on the ground!!! PlAK!! My head also!!! Without even thinking stood up and kept running just like a little machine.,,, Ruben was also fine and we kept going…dizzy and bleeding from my knee kept running to realize that we are running even faster than before. This fall made us stronger and while worrying about the headache and the bleeding we were close to the famous 35K.
35km I asked Ruben how he was feeling, he said good beside some pain but who didn’t have pain at that point? At 36k I started to visualize the finish line, I felt strong and all I wanted now to finish despite all the pain my body was undergoing. The last few km were the hardest but the BEST FEELING EVER!!! Legs were heavy I was scared that we were slowing pace but Ruben was there to reassure me that we are doing just fine.

The Marathon was incredible for all the reasons you think it would be. Amsterdam is a perfect host for such an event. Every single neighborhood we ran through offered its own unique personality.. Marathon spectators seemed torn between handing out high fives to runners and dancing to the bands. Kids held their hands out hoping you would run by and acknowledge them with a high five! Every 10 steps somebody would yell your name out!

2 km to go …from there the crowds gradually regained size as we entered the park. I kept focusing on my legs because I felt there were giving up on me, they don’t want to run anymore, my muscles were so tight and i just wanted to get done!!
We get to the stadium for the last 200 m I began to feel light headed, it was hard for me to breathe and I thought I might end up like some of the finishers who were fainting left and right. Ruben's family and my mine especially my beautiful 11 months boy was there cheering for us, I didn’t see anyone I could only see the finish line. Ruben holds my hand and we crossed the finish line together in  3:11:05 that is 19’ faster than my goal time and 9' faster than Ruben’s goal time.
At that moment, everything stopped, the pain, the noise, and my thoughts. I clutched the medal in my hand, draped it around my neck, and felt at that moment my journey had come full circle.

A final thank you to my family, for friends and twitter friends who supported me during my training. Also a special thank you to Sonia Hanna and Roger Bejjani from the Lebanese RRA who comforted me and advised me days before the race! Thank you to everybody who came out on Marathon Sunday! Thank you to everybody who offered congratulatory wishes following the race!
This will forever be my first Marathon experience, and because of that, a special one. However, it will definitely not be the last. I plan on incorporating Marathons into my life going forward.

Video of the finish line... A moment not to be forgotten

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

AntoniusLoop 10km

 Friday noon while wrapping my work at the office just because my parents were coming that evening and just because i am about to take off for 3 weeks. I get a message from @RunningRonald asking me if I would like to join him to run on sunday a 10k race in Nieuwegein, the Antonius loop.

As usual i got all excited but i got disappointed to see that i couldnt sign up anymore. I informed @RunningRonald who told me to wait a little he will ask his sister if she can do anything since his sister works at the Antonius Hospial. The time that i had to wait was long but here i get another message to tell me i am in. All excited but i remembered that on satuday it is the birthday of my husband and running a PR after a party might be challenging.

On sunday i woke up early eventhough i slept late. Still laying in bed i thought to myself: " i feel good!!" I stood up to take my first steps and here i felt a pain in my head. Is that a hangover of the mix of wine and champagne from the night before?
Ronald picked me up and we head to the finish of the race where we picked our startnumber, t shirt and a bag of nice goodies. The weather was getting warmer, we went on a warm up run and here the feeling in my head was even getting worst! Ronald reassured me that there is no competition and a relaxed run would put me in the first place. To be honest thats all i be first especially that my family was there...

We took the bus to the start of the race. Ronald and I were getting nervous!! why was i nervous if no competition.... i guess because am i really able to accept to jog a 10k race?? Am i going to accept to run nothing but better than last time i run a 10k? the answer is NO!! Thats not me! I want every race faster than last one no matter what are the excuses.
Why Ronlad was nervous? i think because he had the feeling that the the guys sitting next to us were fast and that he had to work hard. Hihi no i am not sure i think it is just normal to be nervous! I asked those guys what was their goal time and that young boy said 38 min i looked at him in shock because he was wearing a basketball socks and shorts.Never judge people from their appearance! I was quiet impressed and still couldn't believe he could even run a sub40!!
we started planning a tactic so he can beat him knowing that Ronald can run a 37'... The mean runners tactic was to follow his pace and win the race in the last kms.

At the start of the race i meet with a lady who is planning to run a 41'. Oh nooo! I thought this was going to be a piece of cake!! I guess not! The tactic of Ronald implies to me too ...i will follow her and overtake her by the end if i am able to with the little hours of sleep.
Race started at 12:00 just before reaching the 1km line we had to stop for the train for 25 sec and started again side by side i run the 10 km with Ruda

I was focused the whole way eventhough lots of people were along the way from the wandelaars race cheering for us. The last km before the finish I took initiative and increased my speed.It payed off i was able to finish first. I finished with an official time f 40'59 but the unofficial time with train stop is 40'34. Seeing my parents and family waiting for me it is always " the happiest moment"
Ronald over enthousiastic joined me at the fnish an it was super nice to know that we both finished first. A nice buffet was arranged afterward.

Overall it was a gr8 experience!! The race itself was very good organized and i would definetly do it again!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dam tot DamLoop 2011

For the Second time I run the Dam tot Dam run. A 16 km run from the dam in Amsterdam to the dam in Zaandam.I know this race is not a kind of race where you can really run a PR especially that I am running with the business group of McDonald's. This means i am running with runners who run more for fun then runners who want to run fast! Of course my goal was to run for fun but really fast :)

I took the train to Amsterdam. Once i arrived, it was pooring rain and i felt very cold! Luckily I met with another mcDonald's girl we had some tea and tried to stay warm before the race. 15 min before the race it stopped somehow raining, it was a perfect timing to head to the start of the race!

The atmosphere at the start was amazing, people are dancing and singing it was a great moment! I am not kidding just 30 sec before the start out of nowhere it started to rain so hard, i thought to myself this is not going to be a kind of race i wish to run!!
At 13:10 the race has begun and here i am hitting the pavement as fast as possible while the rain is hitting my head as hard as possible! The first km were absolutely wet! I felt the water in my socks, not the greatest feeling...
Under the tunnel it was nice and warm with a nice atmosphere and here i felt great i found myself a nice pace, at the exit of the tunnrl the rain was even harder and i could see the lightening in the sky! Here i realized that i am running ahead of the race (Vak3) with few other guys, few km further we catch up to the slow runner of the previous group(vak2) and that was a little drama.... I had to scream all the way for people to move to the right especially when the road didn't have enough space to over pass. It was not the best moment of the race...

At 10 km i was at 41'50 and here i had to focus to get the last 6 km done! few km further i hear someone screaming my name out of nowhere and i look to see @RubenRent cheering for me, JEUUH!

The last few km are the best because running through the town with people on both sides of the street and all kind of music playing around it really gives you energy. Of course me running with a McDonald's tshirt i heard everyone from everwhere screaming GO McDonald's that was really funny :)

The last km was pretty fast and i finished my 16.1k in 1h7min 26" and that is surely a PR.

I am happy and i hope next  year i will run a little faster!! :))

here is my official result:


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Adidas Ladies run 10 km

June 19th the adidas ladies run in Ahoy. I always enjoy those kind of races when it only women!! it gets a little more competitive!
Through twitter I read that some other ladies are going to run the Adidas ladies run, so we decided to meet before the race!
It was a pleasure to meet @SylviaVogelzang @MarjonRunning @RunnuningEllemiek and Karina.
Sylvia introduced me to Wilma from Run2Day Rotterdam!! Very nice lady!! She let us put our bags with her and gave us all a small gift!!

The weather was not the most beautiful day but I think for a runner it was the perfect day! Usually i am not a fan of hard rain like it has been the last few days!! Luckily it wasnt raining that hard that day.

At 12 I meet up with the other twitter friends at Kralingse zoom station. We took the metro to Ahoy. Never took the metro in the Netherlands so it was a nice experience!!

We arrived picked our numbers find a restroom and head out for the start. I really wanted to be in front for the start so i moved my way to the closest from the startline. I look at my garmin to see that it is DEAD!! Honestly i freaked out and suddenly out of the blues it turns on and gets the satellite signal! wohoo i am lucky!!

The first kms i kept repeating to myself dont go too fast!! somehow i tend to start with a pace of 4'03 and every km the pace goes higher....not very ideal!!
I really wanted to do a negative slpit!

So my pace was steady i felt strong in my legs and every once a while i check my pace to be sure i dont slow down and when i did i pushed myself to keep up the pace! Around 4 km i realised that I was 4th but also realised that i am running all alone...
One thing usually i like about a race is to keep passing other usually feels good and help me keep pushing myself but here i was looking arounfd to notice that i am really alone....the race was me and the time...

I felt strong the whole time until the finish line my pace was around 4'15 and my final time 42'28. I did finish 4th in my category and 5th out of 1890 runners.

I am very happy that i was able to run faster than my last 10 km

This week i wont be able to run because my husband is away and no one to baby sit!! Next saturday another 10 km race and that would be the last one for a while.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Zuidas Run 10 EM

Zuidas run on may 29th...the business loop van Nederland!! I did run this prace 2 years ago and my time was 1h 7min so my goal was to match this time...
We organized a team Accenture + my client C1000. We did got cool tshirts Accenture in the back and C1000 in the front. We had a team of 15 people....

The weather was really nice but we all underestimated the wind that was blowing so hard!!!
The first 10 km i was against the wind, i did a small mistake because my first km was below 4'10 i think i am starting too fast and i am not being able to build up the speed!!

After 10 km my legs were burning and when the wind was helping me i couldnt build up speed i was just dead!!!

I already knew that i shouldnt give up and that i could finish on the podium....the last km were the hardest ....i saw the pacer of 1h10 just passing me....I refused to be behind this time i stayed with him and passed him at the finish to end up with a time 1'09'

I wasnt too happy with my performance and i wasnt expecting to be in the top 3...but to my big surprise i was!!!! Very happy...i forgot about my time that i am over 2min slower than 2 years ago, i just enjoyed being third.

Leiden Marathon

This was my first half Marathon after pregnancy. I wasn't sure if i was ready for it or not!! Being ready in my opinion is running fast... the question was am i ready to run as fast as last year?
Apparently NOT!! i run in 1h 32 min ...2 min slower than my PR

the Nice thing of this whole race that i got to meet with some twitter friends. Running Ronald, RubenRent and others.... so according to RR i could keep up with RubenRent but here i started with him at pace 4' 13/km and of course i couldn't keep up with this pace it was way too busy!!

At the finish line my beautiful husband and son were waiting for me!!!
Every race is special!! Every race has its unique taste:)

Friday, April 29, 2011

10 km of the Jaarbeurs Marathon

Here it has been 5 months since the birth of my son! I signed up to the city pier city 10 km in March but somehow my start number never came and i didnt push to get a new number so i let go i thought maybe i wasnt yet ready to run a race!

The first few months after the pregnancy i think were the hardest. I couldnt find a rithym in my life i was nursing every 3 hours so i felt it was a never ending. Now that my son goes to the creche 4 days a week and now that he started to sleep from 7pm till 7am with an 11 pm feeding life became much easier. i have more energy to do things even though i am still nursing him and this takes a lot of energy and time. Not until the last months that i started to run like 4 times a week...

Finally i made up my mind that i need to sign up to another race. This race is the 10 km on April 25 th. What is so special about this race is that the start is only 50 m from my house!!
The day of the race everything was hurting me, my knee, my stomach, i was tired...obviously these symptoms started because i was very nervous!

I knew i wont have a PR but i also deep in my heart i knew i can run fast!! Why i wouldnt be able to do a PR? The answer is Simple -->lack of training...

11 am the start, 10 min before the start i walk toward the start and find myself way behind the start line. Thanks to another twitter frien @MennoHollander we were able to move few meters closer to the start line. 11'03 was my start time 3 min behind the official start. The first 2 km were a combination of running and skiing. Skiing because i was running right and left to move away from the crowd. The biggest obstacle was the heat! My mouth was absolutely dry i was suffering from dihydration from the first few meters!!! After the first 2 km I picked a good pace around the 4'15 and cruised my way to the finish line.

Nothing is more wonderful to know that my hubby and little boy are waiting for me at the finish line!! Thank you boys for the support!!!
I finished with a time of 43'08. In the overall ladies i was placed 13th out of 1070!! BUT  I had a neutral feeling i wasn't too happy or sad.  I know i could do better but i also know that i should be patience to my body who had a C-Section 5 months ago.

I was happy to see @JudithWebber another twitter Friend.

Next race would be on may 15 th the half marathon of Leiden!!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011

On a personal level 2010 was a great year with the birth of my beautiful son. I could have not wished for anything more precious.

One of my goals in 2010 was to run my 1st marathon. One month before Rotterdam marathon in April that is  when i knew i was pregnant so this goal got postponed to this year.
I managed to run throughout all my pregnancy which is something i am so proud of.
Rotterdam marathon might be on my list this year but it all depends on how fast i get back in shape and if i manage to increase my weekly mileage.
Few things need to be done:
1) - loose the baby weight ( 5 Kg to go but they are the hardest to loose)
2) - Find the balance between running, newborn baby who needs attention and a 4 days job.

I know this wont be easy but with my love for running i hope to get the motivation to run whenever it is possible.

Few goals for this year.
1) to do at least one PR in either 10k or 21k
2) to RUN and FINISH a marathon

I am looking forward to 2011. BRING IT ON!!