Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Zuidas Run 10 EM

Zuidas run on may 29th...the business loop van Nederland!! I did run this prace 2 years ago and my time was 1h 7min so my goal was to match this time...
We organized a team Accenture + my client C1000. We did got cool tshirts Accenture in the back and C1000 in the front. We had a team of 15 people....

The weather was really nice but we all underestimated the wind that was blowing so hard!!!
The first 10 km i was against the wind, i did a small mistake because my first km was below 4'10 i think i am starting too fast and i am not being able to build up the speed!!

After 10 km my legs were burning and when the wind was helping me i couldnt build up speed i was just dead!!!

I already knew that i shouldnt give up and that i could finish on the podium....the last km were the hardest ....i saw the pacer of 1h10 just passing me....I refused to be behind this time i stayed with him and passed him at the finish to end up with a time 1'09'

I wasnt too happy with my performance and i wasnt expecting to be in the top 3...but to my big surprise i was!!!! Very happy...i forgot about my time that i am over 2min slower than 2 years ago, i just enjoyed being third.

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  1. well done Ness!!! It will not take a long time before you will step onto the Nr. 1 place