Thursday, June 23, 2011

Adidas Ladies run 10 km

June 19th the adidas ladies run in Ahoy. I always enjoy those kind of races when it only women!! it gets a little more competitive!
Through twitter I read that some other ladies are going to run the Adidas ladies run, so we decided to meet before the race!
It was a pleasure to meet @SylviaVogelzang @MarjonRunning @RunnuningEllemiek and Karina.
Sylvia introduced me to Wilma from Run2Day Rotterdam!! Very nice lady!! She let us put our bags with her and gave us all a small gift!!

The weather was not the most beautiful day but I think for a runner it was the perfect day! Usually i am not a fan of hard rain like it has been the last few days!! Luckily it wasnt raining that hard that day.

At 12 I meet up with the other twitter friends at Kralingse zoom station. We took the metro to Ahoy. Never took the metro in the Netherlands so it was a nice experience!!

We arrived picked our numbers find a restroom and head out for the start. I really wanted to be in front for the start so i moved my way to the closest from the startline. I look at my garmin to see that it is DEAD!! Honestly i freaked out and suddenly out of the blues it turns on and gets the satellite signal! wohoo i am lucky!!

The first kms i kept repeating to myself dont go too fast!! somehow i tend to start with a pace of 4'03 and every km the pace goes higher....not very ideal!!
I really wanted to do a negative slpit!

So my pace was steady i felt strong in my legs and every once a while i check my pace to be sure i dont slow down and when i did i pushed myself to keep up the pace! Around 4 km i realised that I was 4th but also realised that i am running all alone...
One thing usually i like about a race is to keep passing other usually feels good and help me keep pushing myself but here i was looking arounfd to notice that i am really alone....the race was me and the time...

I felt strong the whole time until the finish line my pace was around 4'15 and my final time 42'28. I did finish 4th in my category and 5th out of 1890 runners.

I am very happy that i was able to run faster than my last 10 km

This week i wont be able to run because my husband is away and no one to baby sit!! Next saturday another 10 km race and that would be the last one for a while.

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  1. You are such a strong and fast runner! We will hear more from you, that's for sure! Well Done in Rotterdam!