Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My life since i found out i am pregnant

Today is a big day since finally i will be going to be checked for the first time after almost 9 weeks pregnant.
officially today i will be 1 week where i feel nauseous, sick, puking like all day long. It hasn't been a great week at all. Yesterday i was suppose to race at Jaarbeurs marathon but instead i was laying on the couch feeling sick.

Looks like sickness in pregnancy is just a normal procedure but it varies from woman to woman and i think i am the lucky one to get sick all day long. I am not able to work, i m not able to workout i just have the need to get my life and energy back. I cant wait the day where i wake up and dont feel sick anymore.

I feel all i have been doing lately is whining i cant wait to go to my doc appointment and just see that everything is going well in my body.
I will ask my doctor also if i can start running as soon as the nausea goes away. Next Sunday i also signed up for Rotterdam marathon i will ask if i can switch it to 10 km. I miss pondering my feet on the ground and running my heart out.