Friday, July 9, 2010

20 Weeks echo

This week i had my 20 week echo. it was amazing to see what is inside my belly. I dont have a photo on my laptop but i will upload one in the next couple days. So they did a check from head to toes and if you think how complex it is and how many things could go wrong!!! Thanks god, my baby is in a good health....
The Baby is just sitting in my belly head down and once a while kicking me. The most amazing feeling on earth.

As terms of energy,  i am feeling good, this week i went running, not for so long because it was too hot and i was drinking a lot of water and this was leading to WC stops. It is not handy to drink a lot and feel want to use the restroom all the time!! i am actually getting sore from the activities i am doing since the first 3 months i was just sick, nausea, vomiting all the time and i couldn't even walk or has the energy to do anything.

I am half way through pregnancy in the few coming weeks we will start preparing the baby room.
I cant wait!!

This weekend it is the final game Netherlands against Spain. I am so excited i hope we win the world cup, it would be the first time ever that Netherlands win in the world cup.

Have a nice weekend!!