Thursday, October 27, 2016

Amsterdam Marathon 2016

It is done!! i did it !! I run a PB (Personal Best) at Amsterdam Marathon and finished at the podium for being 2nd dutch lady in my category. Still not believing …

On the same date, 16 October but 5 years earlier on this olympic stadium in Amsterdam I finished my first marathon. I almost forgot how it felt to hear the speaker man while approaching the entrance of the stadium, I almost forgot how it felt to have  the adrenaline rush pumping in my veins while running  the last 200m towards the finish line . On October 16th 2016 I got to experience all this all over again! Waw!!! `What a feeling ! What a perfect day, it couldn’t have been any better…I am not sure where to start from or how to put this into words!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Road to Amsterdam Marathon 2016

My preparation for Amsterdam marathon started beginning of August When I was in RIO at the summer Olympic games. I feel lucky that I got this opportunity to go to Rio, be with my family and be part of this amazing event and be able to support my sister who was qualified for the Marathon with an unbelievable time  of 2h44’.

Living the Olympic spirit was just a big motivation for me. I woke up every morning, extra early and run along the beautiful beaches. It was amazing to see how many people were running at that early time of the day!  What a sporty city!

Beside Running I got to see many new places and watched many events like athletics, Beach volleyball, Gymnastics, swimming...I really had a blast! 

Despite the weather conditions in Rio, my sister ran a great race. It was not her PR but that was to be expected with this kind of heat and humid on that day in Rio