Friday, September 24, 2010

32 weeks pregnant a 4M race

          When running run through your veins and you really enjoy it so much, it makes you forget that sometimes you have to slow down and look after yourself... How many times in the past i went running when i was feeling sick or half injured thinking it will get better ??

Now that i am almost at the end of my pregnancy journey, nothing has been stopping me from running beside the few comments that my family and close friends have been making. Some people are very supportive some aren't and sometimes their voices especially my mom makes me feel somehow guilty for running while having a little baby inside of me.

My family is very athletic they spend every weekend or a day off skiing, hiking, playing tennis and so on...but when it comes to pregnancy they believe that it is a gift from god and shouldn't do anything the other day mom calls me and i was on the bike, biking to town i picked up and when i told her what i was doing she said push the bike with an unhappy voice and she added call me when you are on your sounds very funny...but not funny to her...

Oh well back to running so i have been running like 2 or 3 times a week slow pace just enjoying the ride. Am i tired?? Yes always but the feeling i get after running is so satisfying that makes me believe being tired is just a state of mind that i could actually win over it by ignoring it. How many times i was so tired or lazy or sleepy i went running and came back much stronger, more awake, happy, energetic??? Many, many times...

On sunday sep 19th i run the 4Mrace at the Dam tot Damloop.
Sounds a little crazy why would i run when i am 32 weeks pregnant...??? Honestly nothing can describes how and what i felt just knowing i could finish this race.
6.4 km in 38 min super proud of myself i can't wait to show my son what he has been doing few weeks before he was born.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

At 29 weeks

Honestly, i am not sure how time is flying! What i know i have 11 more weeks before i meet my cute angel. I have been feeling great, i am not tired or sick or whining :)
I have been managing to run about 8km twice a week. It just feels great to be able to run despite the extra weight. Recently I read an artice in the NewYork Times about Paula Radcliffe and Kara Gouche . They are both pregnant and due on the same day in September and they are both still running through out their pregnancy. They are both qualified for the London Summer Olympics ...Here is the article Click here

They are such an inspiration, they train twice a day!!! Kara also has a blog about her running you can also read it here
 For now my main concern is to stay fit and healthy I have also been going to the gym like 3 to 4 times a week to use the cross trainer and so some weights
I feel in shape, healthy and I have a healthy baby :))

Running makes me happy...Vive le sport :)