Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What 2012 is hiding for me?

It is the end of the year and looking back at 2011...

I run 3 PRs a 10 km in 39:14 and a PR in 10 EM in 1:07 I also run my first marathon in 3:11:05 and 6 weeks later I scored a PR at BeirutMarathon with a time of 3:09:09 (First Lebanese woman). I run 2 marathons in 2 months and I caught the marathon bug! I am officially addicted it was an experience not to be ever forgotten!! I have to give myself a credit because I didn't start running until May 2011 since i was recovering from the birth of BabyD via C section...

2011 was somehow unique and challenging just because I was able to combine my 4 days job as a software engineer who requires lots of sharpness as well as being a mother who requires lots of attention and a runner who is eager to run faster every day which also costs lots of time!I am known as a 'SuperChick' :D Through 2011 many doors were there for me to open them. Out of every door I opened a unique experience came out of it and these  experiences made me a stronger and a better person who is ready to attack 2012...

What does 2012 has for the little ambitious girl?

Motto: RUN FAST, BE THE BEST!  I would like to run more than 2 marathons just because I love the pain and the adrenaline and everything that a marathon has to offer!! At least one of these marathon has to be a sub3:05...  i would also like to run a sub 1:30 in a HM and a sub 1 hour in a 15k distance... One of my dreams is to run New York marathon and most of the time when i want something it happens :) especially when i have the full support of my hubby.

Speaking of hubby and running it can be very difficult at times, running can drift you away especially when you get addicted to running not only running but running with certain special people. When this happens it can be an issue and unfortunately at that point you might  have to give up some of your running mates but in the other hand you gain back the support, the attention and the love of your hubby. The bound becomes much stronger ...I am thankful to have a wonderful man who is totally willing to support my running and be there for me!!

I would like to thank all my family, my friends and my twitter friends who supported me and encouraged me throughout 2011!! You made my journey very exciting!!! THANK YOU!!
I will be drinking Champagne on your behalf!!

2012 Here I come...

Happy New Year 2012!!


  1. Hi Nesrine! I just love your new blog-looks!! Your runningachievements of 2011 were unbelievable! You run very remarkable finishtimes and you run so easy. I know you have to push it to get your goal but it almost doesn't show.

    You are a great runner and I'm sure that you will make your 2012 goals and it will be a great pleasure if I could help you with some pacing job. A sub 1 on the 15 is a great new goal but first your sub 3:05 in Utrecht! I will do my best to cheer for you aside the road.

    I wish you and your family a happy new year or as I always say: "maak er een TOP 2012 van!"

    see you

  2. Impressive achievements.
    I'm sure you will be able to get the results your looking for, next year. With such determination, no problem.
    I will not run in Utrecht, but will be there to assist my runningmate and see you doing that sub 3:05.
    Wish you and your family all the best for next year.
    Keep on running.

  3. You are indeed a "super chick" and as you very well know you are also my supergirl.

    Since running is your passion, I will always be there to support you with that and, if necessary, guide you....

    2012 can only get better and I'm sure that with the help and SINCERE support of REAL friends your achievements and results will exceed your expectations and those of many others.

    I'm proud to be married to an ambitious and smart woman who sets goals to achieve in sports, work and most important family life. Where many people tend to focus on one thing in life only (and in most cases that leads them away from reality) we will balance and bound even stronger than ever before.

    As you know, many dreams end in a deception!! So follow your dreams, but base them on reality......

    We were strong together, we stay strong together. I'll stand by you!

    Your Husband

  4. You made a stormy debut in the roadrunning races, with great finish-times in various distances, most notingly the marathon offcourse.
    Be careful and wise with your running adventures in 2012, and even more faster times will be there for you. But first of all, hope you have a speedy recovery from your knee-injury.
    And follow the wise comment of your husband.....
    Happy 2012!