Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lintloop Max

Few months back we moved to Vleuten and the first thing i had to search for, is a peaceful place to run. I fell in love with the "Lint" which is only few minutes walking from my house. It is a nice course of 8 km only dedicated to bikers runners and most importantly no cars!!

When I saw that that the first edition of the Lintloop "Lintloop max" will be held on November 13th I had to sign up without even thinking.... How can I not run the course that I run at least 3 times a week?

I signed up before I knew I was going to run BeirutMarathon. First week of November I run the Zilveren Turfloop that was planned long time ago. If Beirut Marathon is on 27/11 when do i get to run my long run? That was hard to decide... Since @RubenRent is running Beirut Marathon with me and he haven’t planned a race on that day so I thought maybe we could run 30k together.
The question is am I really willing to give up the "homeTown" race and just go run a 30k? The answer was No! Ruben and i after a lot of hesitation if we should run de 10EM of the 5EM have decided to run the 30k in 3 etapes.
Etapes1: 10km pace of 5'/km
Etapes2: 8km racing " 5EM of the LintLoop Max"
Etapes3: 12km pace of 5'/km
3 etapes 30km. Sounds crazy no?! We were excited and curious to see how we were going to handle those 30k.--> we also planned to run the 30k and be on time for the prize ceremony, not sure why ;)

On Sunday 13th of November, Ruben arrives at 9:15 at my place we get some coffee head to the start to pick up our startnumbers. In the parking someone recognized Ruben and I from @RunningRonald blog!!! This someone was "John" who was doubting if he runs de 8k or de 16k, one week after he runs a marathon. According to my experience i couldn't run a 5k after my marathon!!John ended up running the 16k and a PR!!
After John left somehow Ruben and i looked at each other and laughed thinking how cool "we are famous!" thank you Ronald :))

Around 10:00 we headed to etape1 of our journey. Running and talking time went fast! By the time we were back we already run 12K and not 10Kas planned!! Was that smart or not?
We get to the car change into our racing gear, went inside to see Ruud, Ronald and John. All week long, I knew Ronald will be there to run a fast 10Em. His best time was a 1:05:07 will he be able to improve that? A small chit chat at the tennis club next to the start and we headed to the start. All week long i have been asking Ruud if he will run the Lintloop. I am glad he made it and was amongst us at the start of the 5EM.

I wasn't as nervous as usually maybe because I never run an 8km and i didnt have a goal time. My only goal was to run fast and who knows maybe i can finish first!!
The start was amazing, it wasn’ t stuffed, it was relaxing, Ronald and John were there and took some nice pictures " thank you" .... Ruud, Ruben and I were up in the front. At 10:40 the race started. I only saw guys flying in front of me. It went fast the first 500m, 4 guys were ahead, Ruben and I were in a group the first km. After 2 km Ruben took off to catch up to the escaped guys and i tried to stay below 4'/km.No too much stress knowing that i was leading the ladies race. On and off i kept feeling in my legs the 12 km that we run earlier. In front of me I kept seeing Ruben flying and catching up to the guys who escaped the first km, last km as always give it all and i finished First in the ladies and 8th total out of 393 runners with a time of 31'45 avg pace 3:57. I couldn't ask for better knowing that this was my 20th km of the day!!! At the finish Ruben says he was second with a time of 29'59 that is 16km/h !!!Wow, he also did a podium after 20k!! Ruud was just after me with an amazing time of 32'14.

We didn't waste too much time, straight to the car, we changed one more time and we head to Etapes 3 which is now only 10k left.
We run the Lint backward cheering for the runners of the 10EM. People making jokes that we were running the other way around, we were running on endorphins laughing and just telling people Ruben is second and i am first and still 10k to go. It was a really fun ... We crossed Ronald 2 times on the lint cheering for him...we stopped at the water post which we didn't have time to stop while running the 8k :)
By the time we arrived back to the starting point, we saw Ronald flying the last meters at 20km/h.... He did it!!! PR for RR with a finish time 1:03:04 and 6th overall!! "Chapeau"!!

Last km of our journey was quiet, thinking that the next time we reach 30k it would be while racing the Beirut Marathon...

30k in the legs, sunny day and podium for Ruben and myself ... It couldn't have been a better day than this!!!

More fotos Copyright by John de Boer


  1. Yeah, you go girl!
    Great way to run your 30k!

  2. Congrats!! Have fun en succes in Beirut!!

  3. Yep, You are famous, you better get used to it :))) Job superwell done, I just knew you gonna finish first !! And with the 2nd place of Ruben this was a great day. You are gonne ROCK in Beirut!! GOOD LUCK but we will be in contact before that!!

    Until next time!! sub 38 right?
    see you

    ps: I'm happy with my new PR! Thxxx

  4. Yeah, you're amazing
    Not just the fact you won the race and ran a fast time, we're getting used to that, haha.
    But that you combine to run teh race in a 30-km workout! It was nice to meet you again, an d for me being able to stay close behind you, which surprised also myself on this day.
    Good luck and lot's of fun in Beirut