Thursday, November 10, 2011

Zilveren Turfloop a PR @10k

Did this really happen or I am dreaming!! A sub40 for the 10 km distance? Wait a second that is not a dream, It did really happen Final time 39’14 in Mijdrecht on Sunday 7th of November. How did I do it and how it all started?

After my last 10 km race in Nieuwegein with @RunningRonald , he believed that there is much more in me and that I can easily run below the 40’. He promised to be my ’HAAS’, which is "pacer" in dutch and helps me to run a sub40 . The same evening on the TL he comes up with a race and a date the Zilveren turfloop in Mijdrecht. I didn’t expect he would be so serious but he was!!

I was excited about the idea and I was saying the whole time” Yeah Sub40!I can do it!! “ But then my thoughts and everything else was focused at the big day " My first marathon". After my first marathon experience my recovery was not what I would have liked it to be. I have blasted my leg muscle during the marathon …the first week I couldn’t almost run at all. As soon as I reach 5km the same muscle get tight and I couldn’t run anymore!! Is this serious? Is this happening to me. I emailed @Ilonka-hengel and asked her for advice! In the same day she reassured me that this is normal and just need to take it easy but not to stop moving.  Second week after the marathon I rested a lot and went biking instead. Biking or resting, my muscle was still hurting me. The 10k race was getting closer and closer and my leg was not getting any better.

One week before the sub40 race the pressure was getting high. My "haas" made sure that all his 1000 followers on twitter knew about this race!!! If you went on twitter one week before the race you would think some kind of bomb is going to explode the day of the race!! Everyone was on fire to run a PR.  @RunningMarcel and @RunningRepel  were also amongst the people who wanted so badly to run a PR. keyword on twitter "

With all that happening how could I even think about not be able to make it!!The excitement and the pressure of sub40 is getting high. Usually I get all excited but knowing the pain in my leg I kept doubting if I am able to do it!! Yes I do have a pacer but what can he do for me? Run for me? What is a pacer?

Sunday morning, I arrive to Mijdrecht and see that Ronald is already there waiting for me. Inside the sporthal we met with Ruben @RunningMarcel…You would think in a normal race you have to sign up and put your start number and your chip yourself but not ME!!  I had a 5 *  treatment. Ronald didn’t let me do anything he took care of everything…at that moment I was still wondering if he is going to run in place of me. hihi Is that what a "haas" does? “ I got the best "haas”.

A small warm-up run with a little race tempo 3’58. It felt good, my leg felt good but quiet nervous… Few min before 11 am I stand on the start line between Ronald and Ruben. All I wanted is to start…1 AM the startgun fires and the race started
Km1: Together with Ronad and Ruben then Ruben took off to finish his 10k in 38’10 big PR!!
Km2 to km5: Solid run with a pace between 3’54 and 3’59 . Ronald at that point reassures me that we will get the sub40 if we keep going and that I am already the second lady!
Km6 and Km7: 2 km against the wind and my pace went above the 4’ and knowing me you would know that this cannot happen !!
km8 and km9: I had to give it all!! Despite the small pain in my leg my pace was 3’56 3’55 respectively
KM10 GIVE IT ALL!! Pace 3:41

Official finish time 39’14…. Yes I did!!! I also finished second in the ladies!This is more than what I expected! I am still amazed …

I love running because I can push myself everytime and run faster everytime. I am so thankful to Ronald, Ruben and others who believed in me!! I expect from my "haas" to take me to sub38 next time :)
The good news since that day I have no more pain in my leg....Journey to the Next big Race Beirut Marathon!


  1. It was not a dream, you really did it. And yes, I told you more than once that there more in you than you think! You are a great and fast runner. It's really remarkable how good you run this 10K just after your supertime in the Amsterdam.

    During the racing you asked me twice "are we OK, are we gonna make it" .. yes, for sure! You did great it was an honour for me to pace you! And yes, next time I love to pace you again. Let's go for a sub 38... I also have to work hard than .... :)

    I wish you lot's of fun and succes in Beirut!! You Go FastLady!!

    until the next time
    big hugh!

  2. Congrats: WELL DONE! You ran a great race and set a fantastic new PB, although this didn't reaaly came as a surprise to me. You've got so much talent, that you don't even realise yet how much potential you have. It's good to have a "famous" HAAS like RR to push you towards the finish line to get you where you stand right now. And now it's up to even bigger challenges; AND YOU CAN DO THAT AS WELL!
    greetings, Ruud