Wednesday, October 5, 2011

AntoniusLoop 10km

 Friday noon while wrapping my work at the office just because my parents were coming that evening and just because i am about to take off for 3 weeks. I get a message from @RunningRonald asking me if I would like to join him to run on sunday a 10k race in Nieuwegein, the Antonius loop.

As usual i got all excited but i got disappointed to see that i couldnt sign up anymore. I informed @RunningRonald who told me to wait a little he will ask his sister if she can do anything since his sister works at the Antonius Hospial. The time that i had to wait was long but here i get another message to tell me i am in. All excited but i remembered that on satuday it is the birthday of my husband and running a PR after a party might be challenging.

On sunday i woke up early eventhough i slept late. Still laying in bed i thought to myself: " i feel good!!" I stood up to take my first steps and here i felt a pain in my head. Is that a hangover of the mix of wine and champagne from the night before?
Ronald picked me up and we head to the finish of the race where we picked our startnumber, t shirt and a bag of nice goodies. The weather was getting warmer, we went on a warm up run and here the feeling in my head was even getting worst! Ronald reassured me that there is no competition and a relaxed run would put me in the first place. To be honest thats all i be first especially that my family was there...

We took the bus to the start of the race. Ronald and I were getting nervous!! why was i nervous if no competition.... i guess because am i really able to accept to jog a 10k race?? Am i going to accept to run nothing but better than last time i run a 10k? the answer is NO!! Thats not me! I want every race faster than last one no matter what are the excuses.
Why Ronlad was nervous? i think because he had the feeling that the the guys sitting next to us were fast and that he had to work hard. Hihi no i am not sure i think it is just normal to be nervous! I asked those guys what was their goal time and that young boy said 38 min i looked at him in shock because he was wearing a basketball socks and shorts.Never judge people from their appearance! I was quiet impressed and still couldn't believe he could even run a sub40!!
we started planning a tactic so he can beat him knowing that Ronald can run a 37'... The mean runners tactic was to follow his pace and win the race in the last kms.

At the start of the race i meet with a lady who is planning to run a 41'. Oh nooo! I thought this was going to be a piece of cake!! I guess not! The tactic of Ronald implies to me too ...i will follow her and overtake her by the end if i am able to with the little hours of sleep.
Race started at 12:00 just before reaching the 1km line we had to stop for the train for 25 sec and started again side by side i run the 10 km with Ruda

I was focused the whole way eventhough lots of people were along the way from the wandelaars race cheering for us. The last km before the finish I took initiative and increased my speed.It payed off i was able to finish first. I finished with an official time f 40'59 but the unofficial time with train stop is 40'34. Seeing my parents and family waiting for me it is always " the happiest moment"
Ronald over enthousiastic joined me at the fnish an it was super nice to know that we both finished first. A nice buffet was arranged afterward.

Overall it was a gr8 experience!! The race itself was very good organized and i would definetly do it again!!

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  1. Wow!! great report Nesrine! We came, we saw, we conquered!! But we had to work for it! Sometimes it is good to be MeanRunners :) It was a great day and I enjoyed running with you. Looking forward to November 6th when I will be running in front of you... taking you to a sub 40.. for sure! Now, slowly take some steps back and prepare yourself for a fantastic result at your First Marathon. Good luck Nesrine, I believe in you!!