Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011

On a personal level 2010 was a great year with the birth of my beautiful son. I could have not wished for anything more precious.

One of my goals in 2010 was to run my 1st marathon. One month before Rotterdam marathon in April that is  when i knew i was pregnant so this goal got postponed to this year.
I managed to run throughout all my pregnancy which is something i am so proud of.
Rotterdam marathon might be on my list this year but it all depends on how fast i get back in shape and if i manage to increase my weekly mileage.
Few things need to be done:
1) - loose the baby weight ( 5 Kg to go but they are the hardest to loose)
2) - Find the balance between running, newborn baby who needs attention and a 4 days job.

I know this wont be easy but with my love for running i hope to get the motivation to run whenever it is possible.

Few goals for this year.
1) to do at least one PR in either 10k or 21k
2) to RUN and FINISH a marathon

I am looking forward to 2011. BRING IT ON!!



  1. I wish you all the love and luck for 2011. You have some great goals and I'm sure you will meet them. All the best, RR

  2. Dus volgend jaar Midwintermarathon samen? DEAL!! Als je maar niet te hard gaat hehehe

  3. First of all, all the best wishes for 2011 (is that still allowed on 13e of january?) for you en your family!
    Well you're goals are very modest, I see ;) If we're lucky we'll meet on 1/2 marathon van Leiden, it must be before or after the race because you're way to fast for me ;)when I'm finishing you're already showered and sipping a drink! Good luck!

  4. Best of luck with all your goals in 2011!