Sunday, July 1, 2012

I did it!! My First Triathlon

In my perfect world I'll be the triathlete tearing the Olympic course in London next month and challenge for the Ironman championship in Hawaii. But dreams begin with that first step and for me it's the time when I registered for my first triathlon 10 min away from my house, a 500 meter swim, 20K bike ride, and a 5K run on the Lint in Vleuten.

I'm a total newbie, my swimming skills sucks big time, I am nowhere to be considered a good swimmer I never took lessons or anything like that  I only swim just to swim! Cycling?... well I don't regularly bike but I know how to bike and I am big fan of Lance Armstrong! Running? Well that’s where I can consider myself a good amateur runner in an injury free situation.

The day started with a nice sunshine and me being very nervous! Why Nervous? I really didn't trust my knee in the last weeks I have done too much and I knew that I have been over doing it! The worst thing I was scared of that I won't be able to finish the 5 km run! I put a confidence attitude and my goal was to enjoy a nice day with family and friends! 
The start of the 1/16 was at 10 am  and the start of the 1/8 triathlon was at 11:00. Ans came by me at 9:15 and we went together to pick our start packet. The wind was really hard and it felt almost cold! I am not complaining I just couldn't wait to start! I missed racing so much!

Just Before the Start with Ans
Swimming is my least favorite event! Who cares? I am going there and going to give it all ! Water temperature was 21 degrees. it was basically warmer than the temperature outside. The gunshot went off at 11:00 and 500m of swimming were in front of me! I didn't expect that it would be so hard but I loved working myself out!  For sure from now on I will be hitting the lake or the swimming pool to improve my swimming skills!! I want to be fast a fast swimmer! :)

Transition 1
It went smooth but I wasn't super happy because I felt the whole world was faster than me. This is just because I have a competitive attitude...event hough I had no other expectations!!  I run out the water to the area where I left my bike, I put my helmet on , my start number and of course my shoes and hit the 20 km ride, knowing that I can catch up a little bit...

Biking on the Lint was very nice! My legs felt strong, I felt strong, I had my favorite music in my ears, wind with me or against me nothing was going to stop me from pedaling my heart out!  I felt the adrenaline rush running through my veins! I freaking missed and loved that feeling! As predicted I must have past over 20 ladies.... 
Biking average pace was 33km/h...
On the bike!

Transition 2
It didn't go as smooth because a lady from the organization had to have a chat with me to explain me that music is not allowed! I really had no idea but she said it was dangerous, which I totally agree!  I set my bike and head to the start of the race. 

In transition

From the moment I started to run my knee started to bother me, I think swimming was hard on my knee. I have to remember that I have been busy for ar least 1 hour and that is surely too heavy on knee that is trying to recover...I kept ignoring it  because no way in heaven I am going to walk! I managed to stay under the 5'/km the whole 5 km. Honestly that was my 100% i couldn't have went faster! My knee felt like blocked/pain but I am very thankful that I made it to the finish line!

At the finish Line

I am very happy to have finished my first triathlon! I am a Triathlete!! it was an amazing experience and thats why I will be doing another one very soon but shorter. 

As far as I know I still have a long way to go before I can run another marathon! If it is not this year then my third marathon has to wait a little longer. For now I will keep enjoying the things that I can do.

I signed up for the triathlon not because I am crazy about all the three events! Not at all! My main raison was the challenge!  Challenges make me stronger and show me that I can do more than I ever thought possible.

It was an amazing day around amazing people!
Thank you all for your support!
Yvonne and Me before the Swim

Official time: 1h 23' 52"
36th/129th ladies and 15 min slower that the first one!
I know there is a lot of room for improvement.

Vrouwentriathlon, See you in 2013!


  1. Yay Nes!! Great job girl! You flipping did it. You're a triathlete and a good one at that.

  2. Hey Nesrine, you are a Triathlete indeed, very well done! hope you have had a lot of fun doing it!

  3. Well done. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. But take care of that knee!

  4. Great result. Welcome to the triathlon madness....
    Bike average of 33kmh is not bad at all!
    Just make sure when you are going open water swimming that you don't go alone...too dangerous.
    Now quickly plan your next races!

  5. TOP!! You did it! Your first triathlon and your way to total recovery! It must have feel great to do the thing you are good at: sporting! Well done Nesrine!

  6. Dear Nesrine, you can call me an "ouwe zeur" but I certainly don't agree with the "Well done" comments!
    Why continue running (or even start at all) when you're knee problems aren't over? You talk about a "bothering" and "blocked" knee (and in a earlier version I read "sharp pain") and continue running!?
    I'm sorry, but I think your waisting your talent...

  7. Hmmm, seems my english isn't that good anymore: it's "your knee problems" and "wasting your talent"...
    There's nothing wrong with your 'waist'... on the contrary: it look fine ;-)

  8. YES, you are a Triathlete!!!
    Congrats with that, and you put together a wonderful performance as well in your debut and considering your knee-problems.
    But dear Nes, please be so carefull with your knee, i'm afraid i have to agree to some point with Hardloper's comments......Offcourse I understand you, you're so competitive, you want it so badly.....but please take care!