Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dam tot DamLoop 2012

I woke up with a heart beat of 180. I am excited and scared...
Today is the day i am going to run a full race of 16 km in Amsterdam, today is 9 months and 25 days  since my last race, today is 2 weeks before my ITBS release surgery...
It has been exactly one week since I have been managing to run everyday without any knee pain. On Saturday 15th of September, after my trip to the US and the famous American deep tissue massage that I had and left my whole leg bruised in blue for 4 days, I went on a run "Pre-Ameland Run" with a nice group of runners and I managed to run  9 km without much pain. I was very surprised but I thought that the next day it will get bad!! But It didn't!!

Yesterday I went on another 5 km run when I came home super hyper energetic and those are the signs of a good run. My  hubby asked me why don't you run Dam tot Dam since you have a start number and see how far you go? Well I answered I am not ready! I love racing because I love to run fast and be faster than my fastest time.... so why even bother....and I am scared, what if I stop in the middle of the way? Now i have been enjoying my pain free run of 5 km why would I want to ruin that?

So he gave me my start number for Dam to Dam, he got it via his work and he was hiding it from me, he didn't want me to be disappointed again and he said tomorrow you should run it! Take your phone with you Just send me your location the moment you feel any pain and I will pick you up!

That was the Deal! I put my Phone in JohnSport Belt that I just bought after reading Johns Blog and actually I was more than satisfied with it! I almost forgot that I was carrying a phone and it has extra space for gel if needed!

The goal today is just to finish without any pain, enjoy the surroundings, enjoy my run. Dam to Dam is known to be one of the most fun race to run because of all the supporters watching the race. The atmosphere along the roads is just amazing!! It keeps you going...
I put my McDonald' s Tshirt on and my new cool jeans looks running shorts from InkNBurn and headed to the start.
The first 5 km I was very careful, I run them as a warm up, in the little streets between Amsterdam and Zaandam I would hear people shouting "go McDonald's" or even "Nice shorts" it made me smile big time :) then between 5 and 10 km I loosened up I trusted my knee a little more and the last 6 km I picked a nice tempo and stayed in it...

when I turned the last turn and saw the finish line, my tears started running on my face, I was full of emotions, I was speechless, I wasn't tired but my heart was going to explode of excitements and when I crossed the finish I couldn't but start crying!! Finishing my first road race in 2012 is what I have been waiting for, for so so long!!
Today was an AWESOME day!! I am over the clouds!!

After the race, we went to have a drink in the beautiful city of Zaandam, my knee was a little painful but nowhere close to what I have experienced the last 9 months. After some stretching the pain was almost gone...

Tomorrow I am meeting with the Oprthopedic Surgeon to decide if the surgery is still needed since I see a big improvement but still not 100% there...

I have to thank my hubby for believing in me and encouraging me to run today!


  1. Sounds great Nesrine!!
    I hope so that this is the end of your knee problems.. I don't know what it is, what they did in the States but is seems to do the thrick!!
    Good luck to you, you deserve it!

  2. Fastlady is back on track! Houd je knie goed in de gaten maar ik vind het geweldig voor je dat het gisteren zo goed gegaan is voor je!!

  3. I am so very happy for you !! At last your pain for not running is ending... hope it stay's that way en that the operation will give you the speed you've had back !!

  4. Thats such good news, I'm so glad you had a great run! ITBS stinks so much .

  5. Fingers crossed that this is a new start and the pain doesn't come back preventing you from enjoy doing what you so love to do.

  6. Super zeg. Ben erg blij voor je dat je de Damloop zo lekker hebt kunnen lopen. Gaat helemaal goed komen met je knie. Weet het zeker.


    ps Nice Shirt #ImLovin'It