Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dam Tot DamLoop 2013

For 4 years in a row I take part of this amazing event Called Dam tot Damloop. A 10 EM run from Amsterdam to Zaandam! I love this race just because of its crowds and the atmosphere along the way. Just like the other years I run in the business team of McDonald's.
This year is a special one, I am 16 weeks pregnant which means 4 months Pregnant! My goal is to run for the fun and not give it all. I will run as long as long as it feels good!

Just a week before the race it was confirmed that Ron who is a big fan of McDonald's can also join the team. Ron had a goal to run around 1:15 or maybe just a little faster to beat his personal best. As for me I was thinking more around 1:20 knowing my circumstances. Ron asked me if I will manage to keep up with his pace which is around 4'35/km . Knowing me I can't "Refuse" so I decided to give it a shot. We will start together and see how it goes, if I feel any discomfort I will slow down or stop if needed.

On Sunday,  we met with about 20 McDonald's runners by the bus where we delivered our bags and we headed to take a team picture.
Ron With the McDonald's Tshirt

The start was at 12:35 so just before that, Ron and I headed to the start and tried to sneak between everyone else to stand up in front by the start line. The crowds and the music it gives energy and I was ready to take off! I was kind of excited to be at the start running with a little heart beat in my belly!

Proud mama!

People took off so fast but we didn't get trapped this time, Ron and I tried to keep running in a decent pace. After the first km, we reached the tunnel, a tunnel of 1 km long! Good thing it wasn't too crowded yet but warm enough, we kept running maybe a little faster than wished. I checked my my heart rate and to my surprise it was at 170!!! I was advised not to go over 140 for the sake of the baby in me! what shall I do? Slow down or just keep going??  Since I can breath well and still feeling comfortable I decided to follow my feelings. If it feels good and I am not out of breath I should be fine.

During the run, at some point I felt way too warm I had to toss water on myself and at some other part of the course it was cooler with a fresh breeze. In the tunnel I lost my GPS and it never picked up again, so Km after km I was running next to Ron and he was updating me with the pace we are running. To be honest every km I was surprised that I am still keeping up with Ron!

Not sure where this energy came from but every time I felt we were dropping speed I would speed up a little bit in front of Ron to push him to keep up. Secretly, I wanted Ron to run his PR and If I can motivate him while I am still feeling good so why not?

Running on such a crowded course with a lot of supporters, kms flew by. In no time you realize you are almost by the finish! 2 kms before the finish Ron says to me if he keeps this pace he will run a PR.

I got all excited so we cruised fast through the beautiful crowded streets of Zaandam and the last 100 meters I got to see the finish line, an emotional feeling hits me! " Wow I DID it" and Ron over the clouds with a huge smile crossed the finish line in 1:13:58. It issurely a personal best! He DID it!!

All emotional, I went to pick up my medal but this time I didn't get one I got 2 medals!!! My unborn baby own already a medal how cool is that!!

2 Medals for running for 2!
We picked our bags and headed to the park toward the McDonald's tent to celebrate with all other runners in an fun atmosphere, good music and yummie food!

Ron celebrating his PR with a beer :)
I am still impressed of my performance, I honestly didn't think I was able to run at that pace the 10 EM without fainting :-)! I AM SUPER PROUD!

I want to thank all the volunteers and the organisation for this wonderful, fun event! And of course to Ron for the "gezelligheid" :D

The upcoming week I will make sure to rest until the  famous day, the day where I will be running a marathon for 2! I can't wait!! Berlin Marathon here WE come!

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  1. Super goed gelopen zeg! Mooie haas geweest voor Ron :-)