Thursday, November 4, 2010

38+ weeks pregnant still running...but this is it!

I am about 2 weeks away before i get to  meet my little baby. I am super excited to be a mom for the first time.
Today i managed to run a 3 Km but to be honest i think thats it, my running shoes are going to be retired for a while.
Running for me is  usually the moment where i feel free, light, peaceful, where i can forget everything and just focus on the things around the POWER OF NOW.
Today running was not that much fun, i was scared. Being so close to have a baby i was worried what if my water break, what if the baby is so big now he is feeling uncomfortable... what if i fall now that i am 15kg heavier, all kind of worries were running in my brain, eventhough once i was done i felt so good. i felt powerful and proud!!
Ii am so ready to get rid of this belly and have my kido between my arms.


  1. En wanneer komt er een blogje in het nederlands ;)

  2. het wordt nu een spannende tijd voor je! Heel veel succes deze laatste dagen! Volgens mij ben je helemaal klaar voor je kindje. Veel geluk