Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Motivational Picture


Few Months back I was fighting with myself if I should run Utrecht or Rotterdam marathon.
Today, it would be day # 106 since the last time I had a good run. Not being able to run any of these marathons has been very hard. I still can't  run without pain. The pain doesn't want to give up on me!! Now I can't even imagine that I ever run a marathon or I cant even imagine that I will ever run a marathon again in my whole life! 

 I am thankful to this picture from Beirut Marathon
which keeps me motivated and keeps reminding me that
once I was a runner,
once I run a marathon,
once I did finish a marathon,
and once not only run but run FAST.
This picture hides 1000 of words and memories. 

Beirut Marathon- 27-11-11 - First Lebanese woman- 3:09:09


  1. Yes, you WILL run again...!
    You'll beat the pain, because you're stronger than the pain! But this will not be tomorrow or next week.
    Don't give up...., keep the faith!

  2. There will be a moment, you are reading this blog. At that moment you have a smile, you are back in the top. At that moment are the olymipcs nearby. The road wasn't easy, but you did it.
    Fight for it!