Monday, November 19, 2012

A moment like that ...

Most of the time I like writing about running, but today I chose to write about a priceless moment in my life which is the birthday of my little boy.
Baby D became a real toddler (Peuter D) and turned 2 today. YES 2!!! Honestly time flies!! What an amazing moment to share this special day and see his excitement blowing those 2 candles.

Blowing candle #2
He was so focused and determined trying to blow the candles! Then " Mama en Papa" helped him to cut the cake. He was so excited to cut his favorite cake " Bumba"

Proud Mom&Dad

We celebrated on Sunday with lots of family and friends and every time the door bell rang he run to the door not to see who is there but to pick up his gift and to rip the gift wrap to see what is hiding underneath! He figured out that every time someone came every time he got a present!

The whole evening I didn't see him, he was playing with other kids. At one point, between all the 60 people that I had at my house , I took a moment and  starred at my little boy and realized that he doesn't need "mommy" all the time. He is a big boy now, he was playing with other kids, he ate by himself his piece of cake, he opened his own gifts!!!

He is building his own personality and expressing what he likes and what he doesn't like! He is becoming an independent little boy at 2 years old only!! Somehow I felt strange! I want him to grow up and do his own little things but at the same time I want him to stay my little boy that I can hold and squeeze tight between my arms.

Proud ME before the party!
Tonight we read a book in " Mama en Papa's" bed then I took him to his room sang a song while hugging him tight in my arms, I looked at him and realized that in couple years I cant swing him like that anymore!! I felt sad but every moment of this little boy life has been but only bringing happiness to us. He is so beautiful and adorable. I can't even imagine how life would be without him! He is so precious!!

      Happy Birthday Daniel!! 

A Small Running Update:

Last week I received my postponed ITBS surgery date, and it is rescheduled for 27/11. I replied and declined the surgery! I have been a happy runner since September 15th!
Running without pain after almost a year it feels like a bird who was in a cage and one day on a sunny day they released him free...since that moment he has been flying everywhere and flying high above...Honestly this is exactly how I feel!!!  I am not getting enough, I want to run everyday! Going on a run is running through my veins!!  The good news that during my runs I have no pain, the small bad news that the pain is not gone 100%. I am still focusing on running more often, longer and slow and hopefully soon I can run while focusing on speed and not focusing on my knees! I have to be careful and keep being patient until I am 100% pain free and not do too much too soon...
Next Saturday I am running my first half marathon of the year....woohooo I am so excited but to be honest I am not sure what to expect, I really hope I can finish and finish without pain...


  1. awww so precious! Happy Birthday to your little boy!

  2. Happy birthday to your son! Glad to hear you are running pain-free (almost). Good luck with your half marathon!

  3. Time flies!
    Congratulations to your 'peuterD', enjoy; before you know it, he's twelve and is giving you a big mounth (trust me, I know)!
    But even then... the love is always there!! (and so are the (secretely given) hugs and kisses)

  4. happy birthday to him !