Saturday, March 30, 2013

Afsluitdijkrun, Beirut HM and Marathon

The Afsluitdijk is a major Dam in the Netherlands, constructed between 1927 and 1933 and running from Den Oever in North Holland province, to the village of Zurich in Friesland province, over a length of 32 kilometres (20 mi) and a width of 90 m, at an initial height of 7.25 m above sea-level.
Afsluitdijkrun took place om March 10th after a successful edition 1 in 2012. A 30km run from Den Oever to Zurich. A perfect training for the Boston marathon. The week before I had pain in my calves and it resulted in a sensitive knee. The whole week I was wondering if I am going to manage to finish the 30 k on Sunday.

I picked  Marcel and Christine up from Marcel' s house in Zaandam and drove to Zurich. Marcel was injured and didn't run but stood on the side of the road to take some pictures. Christine wanted to run it as a training for 'Marathon de Paris'.
The day of the 30k the weather was better than the predicted forecast but the wind was very hard. I wanted to run at 5' the km and I wasn't sure with these circumstances if it was possible and especially with the doubts of being able to finish without any pain!

Ready to sprint the 30 km ;) against the wind with Rene and Christine

To my surprise I didn't have any pain in my legs I tried to run in a group but it wasn't always possible but managed to run as planned and finished with a time  of 2 hours 30. I finished as 3rd lady! I came home with a nice prize after I enjoyed a nice pasta party dinner which was organised afterwards.

The next day I headed to Beirut for a 2 weeks vacation! While it was freezing in the Netherlands I was enjoying a 25 degrees weather. I run, I skied....I just had a blast.

On the last Sunday before I headed back to the cold NL I participated in Beirut HM. My goal was simply to win and it went so well until I got a severe cramp in my Hamstring. It was simply not my day but still made it to the finish line with a smile and I was really proud of that!

     "I run with a goal which I didn't reach but still enjoyed the ride despite the circumstances"

This is the 2nd time I get cramps and If I don't get cramps I get a painful knee.Urghhh Those little things are giving me less confidence but who cares! I still enjoy running despite the OUCH and I am sure the confidence will get back with patience and time. I will not complain as long as I can keep running! If I don't see a progress now I am sure one day my hard work will be paid off!

The goal of Boston Marathon was to run it with my fast sister but unfortunately last week she went on a run and twisted her ankle and she will not be recovered from it :( How frustrating is that!! She is fine about it and she decided not to run it anymore and she will run Chicago marathon in the fall.  As for me I was doubting If I should run Boston or run Rotterdam instead and run Boston another year since those 2 marathons are only 1 day apart. I do have a start number for both marathons...

I convinced myself to stick with my original plans to run Boston but running a race in your home country is also nice. I always believed: "Follow your heart" but this time my heart have no preferences both are nice and both will be one day on my bucket list!

Either marathon is going to be fun! The last 2 times I run a marathon I loved it!! So I hope I still do :) Training only for 3 months for a marathon in a cold long winter after 1 year injury was not enough to put me in 100% in shape. I decided to run the hilly Boston because I am not going for the time I am going for a fun long weekend away and I will save the flat fast Rotterdam course for my top fit year!!

One more long run to go....and Boston Here I come!! Can't wait!!!


  1. You go Girl!! On Your way to Boston, nice and easy !! You can do It!!

  2. Hey topper,

    Respect voor jullie allemaal die de afsluitdijk run gelopen hebben. Echt klasse. Onder die omstandigheden was het niet echt een makkie. De HM in Beirut maar snel vergeten, wellicht iets te veel van het goede achter elkaar. Ik begrijp uit je verhaal dat je wel keuze hebt gemaakt. Verstandige keuze. Lekker relaxed Boston lopen en je niet gek laten maken.

  3. Jammer van de halve in Beirut, maar boston wordt een onvergetelijke ervaring; I know from experience!

  4. I know you can do Boston and that you will enjoy it!
    Unfortunately cramps sometimes happen, little you can do about it.. have you tried some magnesium yet? It seems to help! Goog luck!!

  5. Gogogo. Boston gaat genieten worden. Niet denken aan knie of kramp, alleen denken aan die mooie 42km afleggen!
    En de pijntjes die je nu hebt...rustig aan die verdwijnen echt zodra je bent gestart. Ik duim voor een mooie marathon voor je!