Thursday, January 3, 2013


My finish tile
What is a better way to make a closure of a year where I was injured, than running a cross on soft sand with up and down hills and not having a knee pain?
On the last day of the year I run my first cross and that was a test for my knee and a new experience. I really wanted to end 2012 in a different way!
While I was talking to Rob Druppers and told him I am running the Sylvester Cross in Soest he offered to sign me up since he was part of the organisation and I may pick up my start number and stay in the VIP tent! What a luxury! Of course I couldn't refuse his offer!

On the race day, I had to work a little bit in the morning then around 12:00 headed to Soest to run 3 x 2000m on the sands!
I am not a fan of laps but it didn't bother me so much this time! I actually liked the 2nd and 3rd lap more than the 1st lap because I knew what to expect!
I went to VIP tent picked up my start number changed into my running clothes. In the VIP tent there was a buffet with soup sandwiches, Oliebollen, Coffee and drinks, VIP athletes were very well taken care of! I went on a warm up run and at 13:30 I was at start. What I didn't really realize is that i was going to run with one of the best women in the Netherlands! Oh that is great! So now my goal is to finish not dead last and I didn't ;)

As soon as we took off I only saw sprinters flying... First round was more like testing the ground as we say, I run in a very comfort pace the whole 3 laps but every lap was a little faster and that is what made me proud! I managed to run a solid 3 laps on a tough course without complaining about anything beside heavy legs!

I finished  the 6,3 km in 29' 35 and I got a nice tile! Apparently every year you get a different tile so now on I have to build up my tile collection.
I really enjoyed running a cross it is a total different feeling then the asphalt running. It is challenging and pushes you in a different way and that exactly suits me :)

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