Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Egmond Half Marathon

Egmond aan zee half marathon is one of the most beautiful races I have ever run! What a peaceful run. I loved the variety of the course between sands and dunes! I loved running on the sand, the North sea on my right side the sun shining in my eyes like a diamond in the sky :) and nothing was running through my head , just a pure enjoyment in this crispy cold sunny weather!

My day started by picking up Christine from Amstelveen and we drove to Alkmaar where I dropped my car and we took a bus to Egmond. Once arrived we got installed in the sport hall where we met with @RunningMarcel and his running club also with @Rwshoe. It is always nice when you go to a race to just meet up with people who share the same passion and you can talk about running with the same excitements!
Me, René, Christine and Marcel

I didn't have a goal because in my last half marathon race Ameland Adventure I had to step out of the race and my knee is still playing games with me so I wasn't sure how my day will turn out! I just love running and I was going to run for fun and do my best! Women start was a little earlier than the men's start.

At 12:00 after I dropped my bag, I run together with Christine to the start and we stood up just behind the Elite runners. I am always fascinated by those fast women! The start took off on time and the first kms like always I went too fast but then I managed to find a nice pace. A small round in Egmond and then toward the sea to run 7 km on the sand. No words can describe how beautiful the scenery was, I think I was day dreaming until I realized that the fastest men just passed me and made me feel like a turtle next to them! I am not kidding it is not normal how fast these men can run! If I sprinted I wouldn't catch up to them! True inspiration!!

From the sea to the dunes a small path that leads you back to the start! The whole time I felt strong in a comfortable pace I didn't check my pace not even once! What I really enjoyed the people along the course! I love when I hear people cheering us up! The only thing I realized that around 12 km I was light headed I felt dizzy but of course I knew what was the reason I forgot to drink water, I also had a gel with me but I didn't think I would need it! At that moment I took the gel out and for the first time I finished the whole gel! After couple minutes I felt energized again a happy me I cruised my way toward the finish line.Just before the finish @Hero tapped my shoulder and passed me and with a big smile I finished  pain free race with a time of                                  
At the finish I saw Rob Veer, of course you can never walk by without spotting him with his red hat! We talked a little and then I headed back to the sport hall after proudly picking up my medal and before I freeze from the cold!
Then Rene and Christine showed up all happy that they also didn't have any cramps or pain while running! I headed upstairs with Christine to have a drink with her running Club, Marcel who also didn't have cramps and was happy to have finished joined us for a bier!

Happy with our Medals! Christine, Marcel and Myself
Then we took the bus back toward the parking, I dropped Christine safely home and I headed back to my hubby and my little boy! I loved going to Egmond but my day started at 9 am and I was not home before 17:00 it was somehow an exhausting day for a 92 min run and for sure that is not how I would like to spend my sunday but I surely enjoyed it!

All in all, I am very satisfied with my run, I am trusting myself more and more I am learning how to run fast again and I am sure one day I will be back to the level where I was before my Injury if not better! I need to stay patient and I know I will be there!


  1. Hey Nes,

    Je hebt echt weer super gelopen. Dat jij je een schildpad voelt bij de snelle mannen dat voelen vele, waaronder ik, bij jou :-)
    Ben echt blij voor je dat je knie steeds beter gaat en vond het weer erg gezellig je gesproken en gezien te hebben. Grz

  2. Wat een happy-ness om dit te lezen. Het plezier straalt eraf! Toppertje!!


    Congrats on the great 1/2!

  4. complimenten hoor , heel mooi .
    Super Nes :-)
    Wat een mooie start van 2013 (click)

  5. goed gedaan Nesrine! The #fastlady is back in business!!!

  6. Super gelopen zeg! En nog veel fijner is dat je knie zich nu ook goed houd! Op naar nog snellere tijden :-)

  7. Ik geniet net zoals jij van zo'n dag weg van huis. Inderdaad met leuke mensen met dezelfde passie. Als je thuis komt heb je met beetje mazzel een PR maar in elk geval een minivakantie gehad. Lopen is niet alleen lopen het is ook een manier van leven. Ik vind het heel leuk voor je dat je knie het gehouden hebt. Op naar Boston. Reageren via mijn wordpress account lukt natuurlijk weer niet. grr.... Groeten,

  8. uhhh dat is dus Wendysolar1971 ;-))

  9. Mooie loop inderdaad maar ook een hele dag op stap!
    Prima gedaan, fijn dat je knie het goed gehouden hebt; en natuurlijk kom je sterker en sneller terug

  10. De tijd, de drukte en het strand weerhouden mij ervan nog in Egmond te starten. Prima prestatie neergezet en dat zonder er pijn aan over te houden. Top! Nu ook nog genoeg drinken onderweg ;-)