Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Runners Bound

“Runners understand each other. We don’t just sympathize. We empathize and help each other because we’ve been there before. That’s the great thing about runners. We stick together!”

Whether on the road or on the trail, we are all bound by one thing and that is our LOVE for running. Brands, pace, body size, religion, sexual orientation, etc. are nonexistent. We’re brought together by our passion for running, our goofy, endorphin-tilting smiles and the twinkle in our eyes…

Few months back I saw on twitter a tweet from @loopmaatjes if anyone has a nice idea about a product for his webshop…

Who is @loopmatjes? Loopmaatjes in English is RunningMates If you follow @loopmaatjes you would know that he can really motivate you. How can he motivate you? lets say if it is snowing and you dont feel like running, if you check your twitter you would see that @loopmaatjes has retweeted the tweets of other runners who enjoyed a run in the snow...this definitely motivates to get out of the door...if someone out there did it you can also do it!!
Also he brings people together , so if you are looking for a running mate who run at that pace in this town all you have to do is just tweet and add @loopmaatjes in your message. Mr @loopmaatjes will retweet that and I am sure you will have a running mate who shares your passion to run with you…He also organises events like the Loop Van LedscheRijn and twitteruns, and above all he has a nice webshop where you can order running clothes and products and it says @Loopmaatjes and #LoveRunning and also you can have your own twittername on the back!
Well his tweets triggered me to think of something simple, cheap and symbolic which can bound us as runners. What could that be? A Wristband.
When I shared my idea he loved it he asked me what colors shall we choose and here they are: 

As simple as that I really think if I would see someone with that wristband I would know he is runner and this creates a bound without words!! Who else can understand a runner beside a runner?

Enjoy the video below! That is who we are!!! Runners who LOVE RUNNING!!

Me at 52"of this Film


  1. This is so cool, I love it! Thanks for sharing. The wristbands look great, cool colours!

  2. Super goed idee van je en leuk dat Loopmaatjes het idee heeft verwezenlijkt. Als we elkaar nu niet meer herkennen :-)