Monday, February 18, 2013

Schoorl Weekend

De Groet Uit Schoorl Run the race where last year with a broken heart I stood up on the side of the road and took pictures because I was Injured and I couldn't run the race. This year again signed up to the 30 km and the goal is to finally for the first time run a 30 km race in Schoorl.

On Saturday mid-afternoon we headed to Schoorl. After checking in our hotel, we went to the book Presentation of "Het Hardlopers Kookboek" The runners Cooking book. It was very nice to be there, talked to many inspiring athletes and coaches ...These moments are something I enjoy so much.

After a nice autograph on my new cooking book from the authors Mirjam and Barbara we headed back to our hotel to enjoy a nice dinner with Petra, Andrea, Merit, Ronald, Eric, Harm and my hubby.

The next day after a nice breakfast with the same group beside Merit and Ronald who were staying in a hotel few minutes away, we went to the sports club for the tweetup. A little bit late but still managed to take a foto :)
Eric, Me, Ronald, Ton
Marek, Merit and Thierry
After wishing everyone good luck, Ronald, Marek and myself headed to the start. Ronald and Marek planned already the pace they are going to run, as for me since I never run a 30 km race before and since it is my first 30 km since 2011 I didn't have a specific time....Well...not really... Secretly the night before the race I checked my split time of the Beirut Marathon 2011 and the Amsterdam Marathon 2011 and I noticed that my time at 30 km point were 2:13:16 en 2:16:38 respectively...I thought something in the middle should make me deep in my little heart I wanted to run a sub 2:15 but then again it has been ages since I run a 30 km I wasn't sure how my knee will handle it....

The start gun took off at 11 am, the first few kms I thought to keep Ronald and Marek in a good company ;) but then after 3 km I let go...I already know, no way I can keep up with their 4:10 - 4:15 pace for 30 km... I thought Egmond aan zee run is the most beautiful run but Schoorl was even nicer! Sun was shining a nice white coat was all over the trees the view was just breathtaking!

How my race went?
It was a strange feeling, I felt I would go weak then get stronger  and again weak then stronger and so on the whole way... I didn't feel it was a solid run that is for sure and normally I do! I am not sure why I felt like that! I also had few times stomach pain but then it goes away! I made sure to take my gel on time and tried as much possible to stay hydrated but this is always a challenge for me. Somewhere on the course it was really Icy I literally jogged that part, I was so scared to hurt myself! Unfortunately that same section I had to run it again after I passed the 21 km point and I almost walked it!! that is how Icy it was!

Somewhere just before the 21 km @RunningRonald run next to me and tells me that he couldn't keep up with Marek... he was not the Ronald I know, he looked disappointed of himself I tried to push him to stay with me but he said just go... It was just not his day!

Around 25 km, I felt something stretching in my knee, I had no pain but I could feel it!! Please not now I said to myself!! I was like in a panic mode but thanks god that it didn't got worse and I crossed the finish in 2:14'40"

At that moment everything stopped, nothing was hurting anymore, nothing mattered anymore...I DID IT!!! I did it the way I wanted it to be and I can't be any happier!!

Couple minutes later I see Ronald and Merit, Both of them were not super enthusiastic but I was quiet Hyper :P and tried to put a smile on their faces!!

Fast, I picked up my stuff from the sports club and headed to the hotel to see that Petra, Andrea and Eric the 3 of them run a PR at the 21 km race...Congratulations!! A fast shower and hit the road to our one week ski vacation in France.

For people who don't know me my favorite sport is skiing and will always be... Why? This picture explains it! Nothing can beat the feeling of being on top pf the mountain ready to cruise as fast as possible your way down to the bottom!

Who is coming down with me? :)

Amazing black slope
Unfortunately being in the Netherlands I don't get to practice it at all ...I started skiing almost as soon as I started walking... I ski raced in world Championships and many University races.... so going on a ski vacation after a super nice weekend in Schoorl can not be any better!!
With Hubby before the Apres-ski ;)
 I had no plan to run while on vacation but the temptation was too big! I managed to have few snow run at 1700m altitude and to be honest I felt out of shape... Maybe the combination of skiing and the altitude made me feel like that but still I had a blast!!


I had an awesome week with my family! PeuterD already took ski lessons in the garden before we left and there he enjoyed himself. He loved the snow and he is ready to become a good skier like his mommy :-)


                Today back to work but Countdown tot the next Vacation: 3 weeks to Go!!


  1. you did great in Schoorl, what a race you run! The wintersportvacation was well deserved. And thanks for cheering my up at 20km, if you haven't done that I would have taken the shortcut to the HM. Now up to Boston!! ps: you are so funny: hardloop KOEKboek :)

  2. Woohoo, you did awesome in Schoorl! It was so much fun to be together with all of us, have dinner and breakfast and run together....well sort of.
    Love your view of your skiholiday. Peuter D allready took ski lessons? Wow.
    On your way to Boston now, so extremely exciting! XO

  3. Als ik dit lees voel ik de blijdschap van het rennen in Schoorl. Wat een prachtige tijd heb je neergezet. Respect hoor. En dan nog een heerlijke skivakantie als toetje. En ik lees dat Boston jouw volgende doel is. Succes met de voorbereiding!

  4. wow girl!! Congrats on a great race!! so happy for you!

  5. Wat een mooie tijd heb je gelopen in Schoorl zeg. Echt super. Dat gaat nog wat worden in Boston. Lekker een ski vakantie als herstel training erna, wat wil je nog meer. Heb je al een lekker recept uitgezocht?

  6. That's a great time, well done! I've been skiing a few times, but I'm a very slow and cautious skiier. I think I'll stick to running now!