Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pregnancy & Running

I can't believe I am 23 weeks pregnant! Time flew by but at the same time when I think that I still have 17 weeks to go it looks like so far far away!
Pregnancy in general is going well, I am a little more energetic than in my first trimester but I am still getting sick if I go more than 2 hours without Food!

Few weeks back I had my 20 weeks echo to know that I am pregnant with a GIRL!!!! we are going to have a little princess at home ;-) we are thrilled!!
Baby Girl and Me

Pregnancy Experience
A lot of things are nice about pregnancy but in the other hand a lot of things are hard to adjust to.
Being pregnant means you get spoiled in every single way! I am allowed to whine, to cry, to be lazy, to be moody, to be bitchy everyone understand especially my closed ones! Good thing I am not often like that :) At home I am treated like a queen, everything from A to Z is done for me with a lot of thoughts and love! Isn'it great to be pregnant? Well... not really!! Seeing your body changing is not easy! Seeing you energy level hitting the bottom is also not a great feeling!  I am also being hit by insomnia where I average 4 hours of sleep per night. Combination of being tired , not sleeping and still have to manage to go to work, give attention to my family and on top of that try to stay fit by exercising is very challenging! Don't ask me how I do it but I DO and still going on! The only thing I noticed that I became so emotional!! I cry on every little thing! Sometimes one word, one action, one memory can put me in tears!! Viva the hormones!!
Despite going through all that, I am still thankful and a happy pregnant lady! Just can't wait to have my little girl in my arms!

Running while pregnant.
For a little over a month, my knee has been bothering me and I had to cut back on my running.
Running less, eating more and growing every week is something I really have to get used to it!
Running in the fall is one of my favorite season, unfortunately I almost missed the beauty of it by being injured!. I have been going 3 times/week to the Physio for a Shockwave therapy, Dry needling and electro stimulation. The combination of all those treatments has subsided the pain in my knee.

Every 2nd weekend of November the Lintloop a 5/10 mile race takes place at a very short distance from my house. My hubby asked me why I wouldn't run it and see how it goes. His motivation pushed me to get all excited to participate even though I have no clue how my knee will react.
On Sunday, a friend picked me up and we went together to the tennis Club where we signed up for the 5 mile race. My friend is training for  the 7heuvelenloop which will take place the weekend after. He never really run races before so this was a 1st race for him. When I arrived to the tennis club I was hit by memories of 2 years ago when I won the race and actually the course record was till in my name. How cool is that ?

Today I am here as a pregnant runner who is going to take it easy and have fun. At the tennis club I met with Ans, John, Falco, Hugo, Marteijn and many other runners I knew. It was nice to catch up!

Outside it was poring rain but just before the start the sun started to shine between the clouds to turn the day to a perfect blue sunny sky!
The start took off, Sander and I started together and to my surprise the 5'/km felt comfortable! I felt I could even go faster but shall I? There is no need to go faster knowing I am at 23 weeks pregnant with ++ kgs extras! I was just happy to run pain free at a nice pace! When I hit half way through my knee started to be sensitive and the pain went up to my lower back! Ouch that is not a great feeling. Sander who had lots of energy left me and I kept cruising at a comfortable pace.

Knowing only 4 kms left I kept going and being sure that the pain doesn't get worse. To my surprise it kept going and coming back very lightly so there was no need for me to slow down or stop.
I crossed the finish line in 39'05, that is for sure better than what I expected! At the finish I got a whole introduction out loud and I finished with getting again 2 medals :-)

I am so happy to have finished a race at 23 weeks pregnant without any trouble and pain!

I enjoyed it so much! 

I don't see a reason why I should stop running as long as I am listening to my body. 

 A runner friend from Lebanon sent me this link: Exercise when you're pregnant 'and you'll have a brighter baby.This is another reason to keep on Running!

Next week I have another race of 15 km (7Hills)  and now the question is shall i run it or not? I will decide the day before in meanwhile I will take it easy :)

Love Running!!!


  1. Wow, so cool! I love hearing about your running while pregnant, that's awesome. I didn't run past 6 months in my first pregnancy but would love to try and keep running til the end with my next, if I am able. You are inspiring. And so cool you are having a girl :)

  2. How long will you continue running? Read a story about a woman who ran the marathon of New York a few years ago being 40 weeks pregnant and delivered a healthy baby the night after, although I personally wouldn't recommend anyone doing this. ;-)

  3. Wow, congratulations with your pregnancy and the 5k!