Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Podium at Vechtloop Half Marathon

Christine, Me & Wies

Shall you get disappointed if you go to a race with one intention but you end up with a different one?

Since Boston marathon my body feels broken. I did few races since then and something just does not feel right! My knee pain comes and goes. I still go to the physiotherapist every other week to be sure I don't end up where I was a year ago, on the bench with IT band syndrome. But still this is not stopping me from signing up to races, which partially I am addicted to. It feels as if I can't say NO to a race!

Gala in Amsterdam!
For the "Vechtloop" Half Marathon race, I went with the intention to run my fastest time! Of course to run your top race you have to rest, eat good and take it easy the night before! Since I am a Girl on the Go what do I do the night before?

Being Invited to a gala in Amsterdam, I couldn't refuse not to go but instead I put on my high heals, dressed to impress and here I go...
I had a lot of fun but in the other hand this comes with consequences.  The next day your body is tired and dehydrated!! Lucky me, the next day turned out to be one of the warmest day, which it doesn't help at all!

On Sunday I arrived to Weesp a beautiful little town, I have never been there before but It definitely left a big impression on me!  I met with my running friend Christine who is also there with a goal to run her best race.

We picked our start number where we also received a cute jar of honey! I thought it was so cute! We went on a warm up and there already we realized how warm it is going to be!  At noon, while the sun is shinning just above our heads, the start gunshot took off . This time I wanted to start slower than what I usually start and save the best for the last. Just as planned the first kilometers went smooth, the course was nice it goes along the river in some part in other parts it goes through the bushes and in another part it goes on a bike track middle of nowhere just out of town surrounded with greens and farms. A very peacful run!

I felt great until 14 km, I kept trying to stay hydrated even though this is always a struggle for me. From 14 and onward it was a battle. At 14 km a supporter shout  to me "Go First lady!"  I had no clue I was first since the 5k, 10k, 15k all started together. I couldn't notice who has finished and who is still running... Bref, When I hit the 14 km point it was time to turn back and to run back toward the finish.... I got to see Christine who was the 2nd lady but there was some good distance  between us. Was that too comforting and made me lazy the last few kms?
The last 5 kms were the longest and the hardest, the wind was blowing in my face pushing me
backward, the heat was not helping me to find my strength, I felt somehow weak. I was just running all alone no sight of runners around me beside a volunteer on the bike telling people to cheer up for me because I am the "First Lady" I thought it was funny!! Knowing also that I am ahead and leading the race I didn't bother much to fight my way up to the finish. I just hobbled the last kms.

Just before the finish I see my boys and I hear PeuterD shooting "Mama renne renne renne"! With a big smile I crossed the finish in 1:33:30

Christine, Me and Wies

RIGHT! That was not my target time but hey I finished 1st ;) so No I am not disappointed! I enjoyed the run so much! PRs are yet to come if it was not today it will be soon again. I was so happy for Christine to be next to me on the podium. She also had hard time the last few kilometers and finished 3rd after being taken by my Accenture colleague. At work I had to joke "Accenture high delivery performance delivered" which is exactly our Accenture Motto.

Christine & Moi

For the next month at least, NO RACING!! Month of July and most August will be focused on training, on building up some speed and endurance!! Road to Berlin Marathon has officially begun!!

Amazing!! Can't wait!!!

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