Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Running Shoes

All my life I was addicted to Nike. I used Nike for everything it is absolutely my favorite brand.
I loved Nike Town when i was living in the states... Entering the 4 story Nike shop was like a fairytale ...
When I moved to Europe everyone was talking about Asics. I went to Inter-Sports and here they have the machine that analyze all type of feet...The machine according to my feet picked
the Asics that I need to use.

Two days after i bought this shoes I got addicted to Nike+ and I was very disappointed that i couldnt add the ship in the sole just like in Nike. I started to run with these Asics and i was having all kind of blisters and pain... I regretted buying these running shoes....

After few weeks running on them i got used to them and i had to run a 10 mile race on them.
I finished 2nd and I won Nike Zoom.... I was so excited but the problem i started to love my Asics.

Now I am still running on my asics.....I truly love them, they are soft and light.
I recommend it to anyone....


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