Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ideal Weight For Runners

I was reading an article online about ideal weight and performance for runners and i got triggered by this part

"No man six feet tall and weighing 176lbs (79.8kg) will ever win the London Marathon, and it is unlikely that a woman five feet six inches in height and weighing 130lbs (58.9kg) will ever do so either. Why? To answer this we must consult Dr Stillman's height/weight ratio table. He fixes the non-active man's average weight for height with a simple formula. He allocates 110lbs (56.2kg) for the first five feet (1.524m) in height and 5 1/2lbs (2.296kg) for every inch (0.025m) thereafter. He is harsher with women, giving them 100lbs (45.3kg) for the first five feet and 5lbs (2.268kg) for every inch above this"

Basically I am between 5'5 and 5'6 so for my first 5 feet i should be 45.3 kg + ( 5 inches * 2.268 kg/inch) = 56.64kg so about 125 lbs.... The sad news is i am about 130 lbs, i could be more sometimes....
Definitely I have to loose 5 lbs......How? When? Where? No Idea....

The Best thing is to go step by step. Starting tomorrow I am going to avoid, carbs and sugar.Honestly i feel like huge now...

Goals for this week: Running and eating light

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