Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Love/ Hate Relationship with Running

When I’m doing it, I love it; I feel energized and healthy. But over the last couple weeks, I have completely lacked motivation to think of running. I had a little muscle injury and somehow i keep using the same excuse in order not to run

Normally it’s because I’m tired from work, even though, ironically, running makes me feel more alert and awake and good about myself.

My plan was to start training again yesterday … but, alas, it’s pissing down with rain out there. So it was another good excuse to stay home.

So, instead, I stayed home and no doubt unduleged myself with nice treats... as if i deserved it...

I have registered for the following races but i will be running the 10 km:

Dam tot Damloop, Amsterdam (September)

Amsterdam Marathon (October)

I am hoping tonight after work i will be motivated enough to start running again....

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