Sunday, March 21, 2010

Winning the 1/2 marathon In lebanon

This year I decided to race in my own land the 1/2 marathon. I never run in Beirut just because it is so busy and it is not the place whee to see runners running everywhere.
we stayed in a hotel downtown beirut. The scenery is so beautiful. Beirut is one of the most beautiful city i have ever been. The day of the race woke up at 5 am had really light breakfast, dry fruits and nuts.
The start of the race was at 7:30 here i am at 6:45 at the start. Warming up right and left. The temperature was perfect, a nice breez coming from the sea but warm enough to run in shorts and t shirts.

Around 7 am while i was talking with another friend, a guy was pushing his  Motorcycle between the crowd...and not sure why he had to go behind me and my left calve touches the exhaust pipe of that little thingy... and I scream so hard... i was in a lot of pain... i run to the red cross begging for help my race will start in 20 min.

they couldnt help much beside a cream anti_burning. I dry my tears and go to the start with a huge ugly thing on the back of my foot. The excitement of the race made me forget the pain and here i am cruising down the 21.1 km.
The total number of participants was about 300 people. The first 3 km i picked a good pace to just get me out of the crowd until i realized i had only one girl in front of me who was picking up speed. At the moment i set myself a goal to beat her and win the race. My time was not the main goal. I decided to stay behind her and keep her as close as possible until the 2nd half of the race. 3km to 10 km i was in a good pace and i felt i was getting closer and closer to the lady in front of me.... Between 10 and 12 i got a lot of energy and here i decided to over take her and lead race,..,.. Exactly as planned At 11 km i over take and i pick an awesome pace, i felt the power in my legs, the gorgeous view of the sea and the quiet morning of the city made me feel as if i was not present... just my legs running trying to finish.

The trouble started the last 3 km. they were down on a straight road, basically i could see the finish line 3 km away... and that was HARD!!! I kept running running and the finish line would not get any closer, i really think i lost a lot of the time in those last 3 km.... 200m away i hear my name Go GO and I heard the time of a person who just arrived it was 1h 29 min ...I know that i am going to finish in 1 h 30...i gave everything...absolutely everything...and I DID it i finished 1st with a time 1h 30 and that 3 min faster than my last 1/2 marathon.

A great award ceremony was afterward and now my goal to get my leg healed. I am looking forward to run my first marathon ever on April 11th. this week i took it easy because of my foot but Next week i am back in training...I know it is my first marathon but i have of 3h 15 min. Will I be able to do it? 21 days to go and i will let you know!!!

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