Sunday, February 21, 2010

Midwinter Marathon


Today it was a special day! For the first time i run the distance of 27.5 km. The weather was perfect, not warm at all but not cold at all. The course itself was beautiful!!! A lot of woods and no cars and thats what I love the most. Running in the nature and looking around is such a nice feeling!!
This is a photo of the course

What i am so excited about that when i crossed the 21 K i was at 1h 34 and my PR in 1/2 marathon is 1h 33 so i am sure on March 14 th when i will be running my 1/2 marathon i should be able to set a new PR.
Today there were 285 ladies and i managed to finish 10th!! I am very happy about my result.

Now time to relax and take a 1 day off before i start my training again!


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  1. Zozo. Knappe tijd. Daar zit meer in. Succes met de marathontraining van Rotterdam!