Thursday, February 11, 2010

My training

It has been quiet some time where i didn't dedicate time to my Blog. My passion for running is just growing without any limit.
This year goal is to run my First Marathon. I decided to run Rotterdam marathon which means it is only 2 months from now " 11th of April" I have been training seriously for 3 weeks and i still have another 8 weeks.

In between i will be running a 20 miles race on the 21st of February and a 1/2 marathon on March 14th in Lebanon the country where I was born.

Training at times could be very hard, especially living in the Netherlands with all the weather tough conditions.
The only thing that keeps me motivated it is always the feeling after running... I feel on top of the world.

I am so excited and nervous fro my first marathon... I will do my best to keep updating my blog.

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