Monday, October 19, 2009

My First 1/2 marathon

This sunday I run my first 1/2 Marathon in amsterdam. I couldn't train as much as i would have wanted too because i had an ankle injury.
I set my Nike + to 90 min... My friends were a little gossiping that I wouldn't be able to run that fast. The race started and i picked a nice pace and stayed on that pace.The whole way was great beside that I felt a little pissed about the slow people running on the left so i had to run right and left. The last 2 kilometers i felt very energetic to run faster but i started having pain in my stomach...that feeling was terrible... i felt my belly was going to explode...the finish was on the Olympic stadium instead of running fast my pain was slowing me down...i was praying to finish without any accident (you know what i am talking about). that is the picture of the stadium.

My nike + was saying 1 min to go and here I saw the finish line.... So I was sooooooo Happy to stop the ipod before it says your reach your goal of 90 min.

This is my result

N. L
8,9 km
13,9 km
1:01:50 (22:14)
18,9 km
1:24:19 (22:29)
Netto tijd
Bruto tijd
13,365 km/uur
Mizuno Halve marathon
39 / Vrecr

I am so Happy to finish my first 1/2 marathon in 1 h 34 min.

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